Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Manicure

OPI Black Onyx with pink glitter
 Remember those light switch plates I made? Well I ended up having a ton of glitter leftover, and I wasn't really sure what to do with it. This morning Katrina was telling me how she was going to buy a Martha Stewart Glitter Set (Google it - you'll need one too), and I had a little brush that I got with one of my ELF eyeshadows so I decided to do a little French. I'm quite pleased with how it came out.

And some random thoughts of mine:

- Who thinks up the serving sizes of Kashi cereal? If they seriously think there's 8 servings in there, they need to come up with a bigger box. I might get four bowls out of one box. This is probably why I have to buy 3 boxes at at time. 

- TJX has some great ideas as a company - "Hey, we'll put this Marshall's here. And then SURPRISE! We'll connect a HomeGoods to it and see how much money these people will spend." Answer? A lot. I went in yesterday for two things and I left with twelve. 

- One of the things I got yesterday was a pair of exfoliating gloves. Holy eff, I had read about these somewhere else but I never knew how amazing they were. I will admit, it did hurt a little at first but my skin is absolutely glowing. Pain is beauty. I got mine for $3.99 at Marshall's, or there's a link below the picture.

 - It is dangerous for me to keep sandwich meat & cheese in the house. Literally, I could eat an entire half-pound of salami and not think twice about it.

- Another thing I got at Marshall's/HomeGoods yesterday - 

 Ta da! They were having a big wall hanging event, and I've been on the hunt for one for my bedroom. I saw this and immediately thought, "I NEED THIS." After my bad influence friends told me to "JUST DO IT"...I did it. I need to do a little rearranging (read: move the full length mirror I hung last weekend with that industrial Velcro) before I hang it up though.

- Everyone needs a friend with Finnish connections. My good friend Noora introduced me to some amazing candy from Finland when we were in Springfield together - its black licorice and chocolate in a candy coating. So I requested that she have her mom send some for me when she got hers, and look what showed up in my mailbox yesterday!

There were 3 bags. I am trying really hard to not eat another bag today.

- Has anyone tried anything from Target's Up&Up brand? Seriously, I love everything they put out. Yesterday I grabbed some acne wash with salicylic acid and some benzoyl peroxide acne gel - because, surprise, my face is freaking the hell out again. And both of those products were half the price of the name brand ones, and they have exactly the same ingredients. (But I have to say my skin is doing a lot better since Noora told me about getting some face wipes - if you think your face wash is doing it's job, use a face wipe after you're done. It'll be evident immediately whether your skin is actually getting clean or not.)

- I just have the cutest dog ever. What a good little scoop-a-loop. (I know. "Scoop-a-loop? WTF." is exactly what you're thinking. You know you have stupid little nicknames for your pets too. Don't deny it.)

- In closing, because sometimes we all need a little reminder -

Have a great week, bloggies!

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  1. You can just dunk your nails directly in the glitter while the polish is wet. Top coat and voila! Done.

    AND I swear by those scrubbing gloves. Love those things. But of course mom threw one away so now I only have one. I need to get another pair.