Monday, April 23, 2012

Sunday Manicure (on Monday)

OPI Black Onyx
Essie Jamaica Me Crazy

Also, thanks to whoever got me my Rolling Stone subscription! Actually I think it probably came from the Free Magazine Leprechaun. Now that I have cable and subscribe to People, Rolling Stone, O Magazine (Katrina thinks this is hilarious. I don't know why.), Women's Health (why? I stopped getting Self because it made me feel guilty about not working out. Same with WH), and Glamour... my social life is going down the tubes. No wonder I haven't read an actual BOOK in months - magazines are taking over my life!

And for anyone who no longer lives in their home state - do you get super excited when you see a license plate from your home state (or region)? I don't know about you, but I can spot a Maine or Massachusetts plate from about 100 yards away. And I always honk like a maniac, like I MIGHT know them.

Hope your Monday was fab!


  1. Wasn't I on the Rolling Stone. If anything, I might get you Sports Illustrated.

    And yes...I get stoked when I see an Alaska plate. Every time.

  2. And when you are at a gas station or store, you will likely strike up a conversation EVERY time...I still do that when I see NC plates in Maine!