Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday Manicure

Since I didn't do one Sunday, figured I'd share my mid-week manicure with you guys (yes, I end up doing my nails twice a week usually - my paper thin nails keep polish on them for a max of 3 days).

Thumb: Essie's Jamaica Me Crazy
Pointer/Middle: NYC no-name (#111A - creative, NYC. Creative.)
Ring/Pinky: Essie's My Place or Yours

I did the same thing on the other hand - made kind of a cool effect. I won't take full credit for it though, some chick on the Style Network was jib-jabbering on about this while I was making dinner so I decided to try it.

Also? Watched my first episode of SuperNanny today. Full on reinforcement of why I NEVER want to have children. Its the shrieking. I can't do shrieking. Can I just genetically enhance them to stay at a maximum volume of 3? Then I could maybe be convinced. Maybe.

1 comment:

  1. Even if you could get them to stay at max 3, it's a sure bet that all their little sugar-charged friends would be the unenhanced versions, so you'd still be stuck with the shrieks. Better to just avoid the whole situation. : )

    -- Julles