Sunday, April 15, 2012


A girl at work asked me if I knew anyone who could set up her reception and keep her bridesmaids in line on her wedding day - "I don't have time to put up with their bullshit." I said "duh, me!" This was her second wedding, so she was quite relaxed about the whole thing - she handed me a giant tub of decorative stuff, a box of favors, and said "Just make it look good." That I can do. I was making executive decisions all over the place. "Where do you think she wants the chairs for the ceremony?" "No idea. Put them here."

The venue was an old rock quarry in the town I work in, and it has been filled with water so it's a big pond/small lake. And it was stunning. The weather was perfect, but it did get freakin' freezing at night so I'm really glad she didn't need me to stay all night.

I even had a few people ask for my card - some guy runs a park in Charlotte and they have a lot of weddings there, and he said that people ask him all the time if he knows anyone who can do set up. I admitted that it's not something I normally do, but he was impressed with my skillzzzz, and so was the guy who owns the place where the wedding was. I wouldn't mind getting into wedding planning (or at least the decorating/set up part), maybe as a part-time weekend gig for some extra cash. I had a lot of fun, and luckily the bridesmaids did not need any wrangling.

Lots of pictures to follow - I did a Sunday Manicure post here. Enjoy!

Not a great picture but LOOK AT THAT CAKE.


  1. Nice must be genetic what with all the prom planning I do! Way to be, champ!!

  2. I can totally see you as a social engineer, wrangling whatever/whoever needs to be wrangled for the event of the moment ... and it sounds like there's clearly a need for it in the area, so why not you? : )

    -- Julles

  3. Very cool. You could definitely do this as a part time job.