Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

The winner of the big box o' book is....

Miss Ashley Jayde! 
Lady, send me your address and I'll get that box shipped out to you!

This brings me to my next idea. I want to do a book swap. I'm still working out the details on how this would work, so if you've got an idea, let me know. We can call it the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Books" (thanks Nicole!) and once a month, or once every 2 months, you send your box of books to the next chick on the list. These boxes can hold 2-5 books, whatever we decide on - since some people are faster readers than others. And we can also arrange it that you'd get your books back once they've made their rounds - I am not one to keep books once I've read them, because I hate moving them, but Katrina wants to build a library so her future butler can feed her tea and crumpets while she reads.

So if any of you want in on this book swap, either leave me a comment or hit me up on Facebook - I'll start to make a list of people and get the ball rolling on this.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hell of a decision maker.

If you haven't commented on yesterday's entry for my book give-away, do so here! I'll randomly pick someone tomorrow.

If you have an Ikea near you, or you've been to one, you know what a nightmare the place is on a Saturday. Nevertheless, Alexis and I decided to brave it today. Somehow we made it in and out of the store in under 25 minutes, and I did not spend a single dollar. (I know what you're thinking - what?! You can't go to Ikea without buying something! But I did, I did.) And I was very proud of myself. WILLPOWER TO THE MAX.

That is, until we stopped at the furniture store across the street from Ikea. I did not think I was in the market for furniture - my plan was to move into my new place and then find furniture. Well. This place was having a Huge Sale. I had been to this furniture store before (on a second date, and I'm pretty sure the sales guys thought we were married - one of them even remembered me today) and fell in love with a couch, but it was out of my price range. Until the sales guy told me that it was free financing for 6 months and they would hold it for me until I moved. FOR FREE. Sold.

Oh, hello big girl couch. Smokin' deal, so comfortable. Now I really can't wait to move, because I'm in love with my couch. This is totally how I make decisions too. Oh, I need to get out of Maine. Charlotte sounds good. A month later, I moved. Oh, I need a car that gets more than 19mpg. Test drove three, picked one. BAM. New car. Oh, I could use a couch. BAM. New couch. I can't hem and haw over things - this probably has something to do with my lack of patience.

Funny thing at the furniture store though. We walk in and immediately this sales guy comes over to start talking to us. I got distracted by a display of glittery vases - OOH SHINY THINGS! - and he says to us:

"Oh god, you're not Twi-Tards are you?"

Excuse me, sir, is that how you treat all of your potential customers? Why yes, I actually DO like Twilight. I would not classify myself in the Twi-hard group (nor, Twi-Tards), but I am a fan. No more than 10 minutes later he says to us:

"Oh I'm planning my wedding. Want to see something? *whips out iPad* My groomsmen and I are wearing these in the wedding. SWORDS. SO COOL. Its a renaissance theme."

I'm sorry, what? You just made fun of us because we like Twilight and your wedding is RENAISSANCE THEMED?! You probably shouldn't share that with people you don't know.

Today was also a monumental day for another reason. I joined a gym. Holy mother I could not tell you the last time I was excited about joining a gym (since I haven't worked out since August), but it has multiple locations and unlimited classes so I'm pretty pumped. Eventually I'd like to be able to run a 5K, but that's a lofty goal since running makes me want to "pull out my hair, gouge my eyes out, and break my ankles so I never have to run again." - Darrah's description of her run today, hahaha. That's me every time I attempt a run.

I got a message on OKC today from a guy I had been messaging back and forth with:

"You a fan of band of brothers? Do you think about if you were a general or president during that time, what your war strategy would have been?"
Um. What? Has that line worked for you before? Because all I could think was W-T-F.

via FancyNapkin
I found this over at Fancy Napkin and it brought tears to my eyes. I don't mean to go all Sarah McLachlan on you guys, but if you are considering getting a dog, please adopt. Your local shelter or Petfinder are great places to start. You can search Petfinder by breed, or if you aren't sure what breed you want, you can search by size/gender/age and narrow it down that way. That's how I got Bailey, and rescue dogs know they've been rescued. She's definitely got the princess life now, and she knows it. I'd get her a little Boston or bulldog brother if I had a house, but I need another dog in my apartment like I need a hole in the head.

Okay, enough crying. Happy weekend bloggies!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Birchbox, books, and bitches.

Fair warning: this post is all over the place, so sit back and enjoy!

Have all y'all heard of Birchbox? I got my first one today thanks to my ultimate BFF Katrina. Basically its a monthly shipment of deluxe beauty samples for $10 per month! Definitely worth it - the full sizes of these items would cost you close to $200. Plus, once you're done with the trial size, you're pretty much over your love for the product. (Except for OPI's Rainbow Connection. I want to bathe in that nail polish.)

This box contains:
  • Jouer moisturizing lip gloss in Birchbox Pink (I'm not normally a colored gloss girl, but I like how this looks on)
  • Juicy Couture's signature fragrance Juicy Couture (how creative - smells wonderful though!)
  • VMV Hypoallergenics Re-Everything: Eye Serum (anti-aging eye serum that revives your under-eye area. I don't have under-eye problems but I'll try it)
  • Zoya nail polish in Kristen (a bluish gray - the hot new color right now)
  • and random, a mini Larabar and a hot pink magnet.
Plus? All of that comes in a hot pink box so you know when your Birchbox is here! Katrina had it sent to her house and then sent it to me in a giant box - filled with books that she borrowed -  plus a cute little satin bag with some hand sanitizer and nail files. Everyone at work gets so jealous of my deliveries - last week Kate sent me a box of random goodies, including a big bag of haystacks. (What are haystacks, you ask? Chow mein noodles, peanut butter, butterscotch and peanuts - HOLY DELICIOUS.)

Speaking of those books, they are all books I've read, so I'd like to pass them on to one of you. But the deal is, after you read them, you have to pass them on to someone else. I do NOT want them back - moving books is such a pain in the ass, and while these books are all great, I won't read them again.

All you have to do is comment on this post. Sunday morning I will choose a commenter at random! Easy, right?

This bundle includes:

Jodi Picoult - Handle with Care, The Pact, and Nineteen Minutes
Julie Klam - Please Excuse My Daughter
James Patterson - Sundays at Tiffany's
Martha O'Conner - The Bitch Posse
Stacey Ballis - Good Enough to Eat

So remember yesterday's post about the bitch at work? Today I'm sitting at my desk getting some stuff done - Fridays are always "random errand bullshit" day, so I never know what I'm going to be doing. This woman comes up to me, slaps an unbound book on the desk and says "I need you to go to Staples and get this copied and bound, this copy rebound, and have it all scanned in three separate documents onto a flash drive in PDF form." I'm sorry, do you hear a buzzing? I could've sworn I heard an annoying buzz in my ear. First off, wench, ever think of asking if I have time to do this? I may be the Staples Girl in the office, but you do not tell me to go do something. Secondly, I may be a personal assistant, but I am not your personal assistant. Later in the day I needed her to do something for me, and it literally took her an hour and half to get back to me. So next time I'm told to go do something, I'm going to say, "I will do the best I can with the time that I have." (Thank you, Maria, for teaching me that response.)

I came across this picture yesterday while perusing... big surprise... Pinterest. Admit it. You laughed. (My cousins are redheads, and we call them The Gingers. It's a Loving Term.)

And to wrap things up, today's Quote of the Day goes to my good friend Noora:

So I heard these two girls talking in the gym locker room. Just before one steps on the scale she's saying how she's gonna be so so heavy - she weighed 103 freaking pounds! You bitch, I'm sweating my ass off for an hour trying to burn the ice cream I ate last year so shut up!!

hahaha, seriously. If you weigh 103 pounds I can almost guarantee you've never been heavy in your life. Alexis and I are joining a gym tomorrow - no more excuses. Bikini season will be here before you know it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DS Awareness.

Have any of you checked out the Want More Fabulous? section to the right of this blog? (If you're reading in Google Reader you're going to want to click the title and go to the actual blog.) If you need some inspiration, or just more Fabulous in your life, please check out any (or all!) of these chicks. They all bring something different to the table, and I highly recommend reading from the beginning on all of them - that's how I roll, I can't start a blog in the middle. I need the history!

About a year ago I started following Enjoying The Small Things. I don't remember how I stumbled upon Kelle's blog, but I'm so glad I did. I started with this entry because that's what she said to do, under Start Here If You're New. I will be completely honest and say that I have zero experience with Down Syndrome, but now that I follow the lives of this family, it has really opened my eyes to the struggles families with DS deal with - but also how normal their lives are. 

Last year for Nella's first birthday, Kelle did a fundraiser with a goal of $15,000 to donate to DS Awareness. Guess what? She (and her readers) raised over $150,000! So this year they're doing it again for Nella's second birthday - this time with a goal of $200,000.

She posted this video today, and I wanted to share it with you guys:

As of right now, they are $27,682 away from their goal. Think you can skip out on a latte for a day or two, or that new magazine that just came out, and donate? That's what I'm going to do.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I want to preface this post by saying that I have the most amazing group of girls that I have the absolute pleasure of calling my best friends. But. 98% of my friends are a thousand miles away.

So how do you make new friends as an adult? And I don't mean replacement friends, I just mean more. I've been lucky enough to meet some good friends through work & various temp jobs I did, but how else would do you that? I have no problem chatting with random people, like while I'm shopping or whatever, but how do you take it to the next level? "HEY YOU WANNA HANG OUT?!" This is like dating! Its so weird! I don't want to be a creeper.

I miss the hockey thing for this reason (and other than 40 free games a season, this is the only thing I miss about it - I don't miss living alone 80% of the season, packing up my life every 6 months, plus the whole job search and royally effing over my resume). Every season you go to the first game, anxious to see the new group of girls you're going to hang out with for the next 6 months, hoping that you click with at least a couple of them. Because you don't always click, but sometimes you're lucky enough to meet some girls you stay friends with even after the season is over.

I came across this article on HelloGiggles today. And then Jenna Marbles put up her new video, Why Girls Hate Each Other, so this is apparently a theme for today.

Wrapping it up with a Quote of the Day:

"God I love hot yoga." - Me
"I need to try it. I left the gym today and Monday feeling that way about running too. That rarely happens twice in a week but being there and running 2 or 3 miles easily while I watch resolutioners keeling over is sort of motivating in a sick way." - Darrah

11 days into the year - who's still sticking with their resolutions?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday manicure

Essie's Jamaica Me Crazy under OPI's Divine Swine. 
Ring finger is Ulta's Black Tie Affair from their Glitterati line


I put up a new layout on the blog - so if you're reading this in Google Reader, click the title and it'll open the blog in a new window. I simplified things a little bit - I tried to glitterbomb the background but it made things really hard to read. Maybe once I get savvier with the whole blog thing I can conquer that.

*Edit* header picture via - damn you pinterest. I tried to stay off that damn site. Thanks Mom, for telling me my blog was "kinda blah" - started another addiction.

The weather here the past few days has been amazing! It hit 67 yesterday. Jen called to see if I wanted to go for a walk, and I had an entire day of catching up on shows and magazines planned, but I decided against being completely lazy. We went to the White Water Center and sat in the sun for a few hours and just read. Any day in January that I need to wear sunscreen outside is okay in my book.

I got through the People and halfway through Glamour. Women's Health just started showing up one day, and Allure I got for free from Ulta, so I don't feel guilty for not reading them right away. And this Jodi Picoult book? Holy crap. I started it when I got my radio replaced on Monday and I was trying really hard to not cry in the middle of the car dealership. So good. I recommend any of her books.

Speaking of books, does anyone have a suggestion on a new series? I'm having withdrawals from the Hunger Games and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and I need something else to become obsessed with. Especially since Harry Potter is done. (*tear*)

The following messages are kind of like Quote of the Day, but I don't know these guys. The whole OkCupid thing is worth it for the entertainment value alone, so I've decided I will post the ridiculous and hilarious messages I get.

Hey there! I see that you like (insert random fact from profile), I like (random fact) also! Here is a hopefully interesting anecdote about (random fact)! I also like (insert band name here), their new CD was pretty great! Hope to hear from you soon! 
- Really? Has this worked for you in the past?

Hello there Mandy. I'm 33 and live out in Indian Land, SC, just outside of Charlotte. I read your profile and was interested in what I read. I'm a big fan of hockey and of course football. I'm not a Steelers fan, but a Patriots fan (but I'm not an obnoxious Patriots fan ;) ).
- First off, who in the freak is Mandy? 
-Secondly, if you have to declare that you're not an obnoxious fan - you're probably an obnoxious fan.

Hello there, I'm new to this online stuff. Wanna talk? Call me any time. 704-###-####.
- Do you maybe, I dunno, want to know my name before giving out your number?
- This guy was also 41. I wanted to respond "You do realize that you could be my father, right?" Young father, but still.

These are prime examples of why my profile says that I respond "very selectively." I'm trying to be nicer this time around so that rating will go down to "moderately selective" but I think the chances of that are pretty slim.

Also, perfect music for a lazy Sunday - Jay-Z's Pandora station. A good mix - heard a little Kanye, some Fugees, some Biggie. Just be careful of The Devil Inside commercials - they're terrifying and not at all relaxing!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today I want to talk about hair. And hair products.

I am seriously missing the perks of working in a hair salon - I need a haircut, and I am terrified about getting one here. I know that while I was in Massachusetts I'd say to my old clients, "it's fine! Go see one of the other girls! They'll take care of you." But here? There are no other girls. I just have to wing it and hope for the best. I don't even want to admit this (Maria, Shannon and Jess are cringing reading this right now) but I'm about to cut my layers and bangs myself, which is really the part that's driving me cray cray. I don't dare cut the length myself, and right now I like where it is. Oy. I know I'll be home in June but I really don't think I can wait that long. (And you know I'd be giving huge amounts of shit to whoever came to me for a haircut and said "Its been like 9 months since I've had a haircut!" I'd never hear the end of it.)

I wash my hair every 3 days, if I can get away with it. If my hair is up for work, that means its pretty disgusting and I don't want to deal with it. The only time I can't go 3 days is if I do yoga, because it's drenched by the time I leave. I can do gross, but not that gross. And I know what you're thinking. "Three days?! Thats so gross! I can't do that!" You can, and you will love it once you train your head. (Brain head and scalp head.) Your scalp will get used to it not being washed every day. You still shower, just don't get your hair wet. Invest in one of those silly shower caps, or I just wrap mine up in a towel. If you have blonde hair, you can get away with rubbing a little bit of baby powder into your roots to soak up the grease if you're feeling narsty that day. Dark haired girls... sorry. That trick won't work. Just tease your roots up a bit higher than normal, nobody will know. And there are some great dry shampoos on the market now - I haven't used one yet, so if you have any suggestions, shout them out in the comments!

The following are what I use in my hair on wash days:
1. Redken's Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner - this stuff is like a miracle worker. Its protein for your hair. Protein = color magnet. The more protein you have in your hair, the longer your color is going to last. This is also a great option for you girls who are flat-iron obsessed - I use my flat iron almost every day, but you'd never know it, because I use good products to protect my hair from the heat.

2. Redken's Anti Snap
This is my number one, don't-care-if-you-get-nothing-else-BUY-THIS product. (Good grammar there.) Shampoo and condition like normal, and when you get out of the shower, put this in. I don't care if you aren't doing anything with your hair that day, or letting it air dry - put it in. Anti-Snap is an extra dose of protein. It has a heat protection in it and helps prevent breakage and split ends. If you're growing your hair out, you need this. If you're coloring your hair, you need it. If you ever blow dry or flat iron, you need it. Bottom line: YOU NEED IT.

3. Pureology's Colour Max:

This is SPF for your hair. "Hat in a bottle." (Because you SHOULD be wearing a hat outside to protect your hair color. And no, a visor doesn't count.) I put this in every time I shampoo, and any time I'm out in the sun, even if my hair is dry. I have a travel size bottle in every beach bag. I like my hair dark, and if I'm going to be coloring it, why waste it and let it fade out? I've seen a huge difference between using this and not using it - last year I didn't use it while I was at Hermit Island, and my hair was so disgusting and faded when I got home it was unbelievable. It doesn't make it greasy if you put it in dry - plus you're at the beach, so who cares? You're just going to wash it when you get home anyway. Just make sure you reapply if you get your hair wet. I follow the same rules as regular SPF - reapply every 2 hours, or every time you get wet. Easy rules.

4. Redken's Aerate 08:
Holy mother, I love this stuff. Love it. This is mousse, but its in a cream. And you only need a tiny bit. (Any professional product - less is more. Start out with less, add more if you need it. You don't need a huge glob of any professional product to make it work.) Shampoo, condition, Antisnap, Colourmax, Aerate. Then blowdry. This makes my hair just fluffy enough but not crazy poufy.

5. Redken's Wax Blast 10:

The perfect spray if you don't like your hair first-day-clean. Beware: it stinks, but the smell goes away. I also use this if I'm doing an updo on clean hair - it gives some sticky and some dirty grit to the hair so it stays in better.

6. I also use Pureology's NanoWax or Redken's Rewind 06

7. Redken's Quick Dry 18:

This... is the motherlode. If I had to choose one product, and only one, to take with me on a trip, this would be it. I am a hairspray girl. Don't light a match in the bathroom once I'm done doing my hair - the place will go up in flames. I have fine, nasty straight hair so once I get it to where I want it, I have to glue it in place immediately. Enter: Quick Dry 18. This stuff has great hold and it dries really quickly, unlike other sprays that end up going on really wet and taking forever to dry. I used to have Maria order this for me in 6-packs because I'd go through so much of it. I've toned down my usage a little bit (I only have two backup cans in my hair tote instead of five), but this is still the last product that goes on my hair every day. It doesn't get crunchy either. Unless you use way too much of it... so don't do that.

This last one is for Janira - and any other girl that wants a little sparkle in their hair. We used to carry this line at the salon and I couldn't get enough of this glitter spray.

Brocato's Shimmer comes in gold, platinum and pearlescent. It is awesome. One tip: store it upside down so the glitter doesn't clog the tube. I'm on the hunt for this stuff down here, because this is perfect for glitter bombing.

Disclaimer: None of these companies know who I am - I am just a hair product addict.

This was a much longer post than I had anticipated, so we'll wrap it up with:

Quote of the Day:
"I just got my hair cut at Supercuts. If I'm going to cheat on you, it's going to be with a cheap whore." - Janira

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Okay kids, today we're going to discuss creepers on the internet. This topic brought to you by Jenna Mourey's video Creeps On The Internet which I would've put in the post, but for some reason blogger can't find it. Carrying on.

I have no problem with creeps on the internet. I will 100% admit that I am a creeper. I am the ultimate Facebook stalker. If you have a Facebook, I will find it. And guess who else is a creeper? YOU ARE. Because you are reading this blog instead of calling me on the phone. And I am also 100% okay with that. (Actually I love it, I'm so glad people are enjoying this blog.)

A lot of the people in my life I met because of the internet. Of course I may have taken it to the extreme and started meeting people on the internet in 8th grade (Katie and Katrina) but whatever. My high school boyfriend? Met him online, through someone else I met online. If I hadn't met him, I wouldn't have met Gabby (who is blogging again! So so so excited - check her out!). I also added her on Facebook before it was probably appropriate to do so. We stalked each other for almost a year before we actually became friends. So half of my best friends, who are my best friends in real life, I've met on the internet.

Plus the whole online dating thing. I love it. How else are you going to have hundreds of guys at your fingertips? You can pull up their profile, stalk it up for a while, and then decide if you want to message them. Rather than getting all dressed up to go to a bar, hope you find an attractive specimen, and get in his line of vision. He may talk to you, but he may not, and then you just wasted all of that makeup, glitter and hairspray on nothing. I'd rather be able to book multiple dates per week, and be able to weed out the weirdos before I meet them in real life. (Batman.) (That's not to say you won't go out with any weird ones. I did. Zach Galifinakis and Skinny Boy ring any bells?) 

(Edit: Skinny Boy got into this habit of texting me once a week, usually on a Thursday around 11pm to hang out. First off, thats a booty call, and I don't do that. Secondly, 11pm? I'm in bed. And I'd say so. So finally last week, this happened:

"What are you up to tonight?"
"Nothing, just reading. Pretty tired."
"You always say that, have you never heard of 5 hour energy? I guess you are not so work hard play hard, are you?"
"Guess not."
"Work hard, play soft. Maybe it's best I leave you alone."
"No hard feelings from me."

Which I guess was easier than having to ignore him when he texted me. He was at Dixie's on Sunday when Alexis and I were there. Eye contact was made and it was sufficiently awkward.)

Another great creeping tool is Google Reader. I follow 33 blogs run by women, and I know 9 of them in real life. 9 out of 33. The newest additions to my reader are Fancy Napkin, The Bookness and The Small Things Blog. I know none of those girls, but they are fabulosity at it's finest. (Also, see that sidebar on the right? It's a list of awesome blogs. It needs to be updated with the ones that I've added since I started my blog, but if you're looking for a new one to follow - check out any of those.) But my one problem with finding new blogs is that a lot of the time I feel like I have to start from the beginning of the blog. Do you know how long that takes!? I hate to just jump in the middle of someone's story; I want to know background, and where inside jokes came from, and history. Does that make me a creep? Probably. But this is the internet - if there's something you don't want people to know, don't post it.

Quote of the Day: (actually from Monday but whatever)

I hope someone gives him herpes. - Miss Ashley Jayde

This may seem a little extreme, but I laughed out loud when I read it. Ever have one of those exes that just comes up with the dumbest shit ever to tell you? Just a word of advice: If you ever have something to say to someone, and you have to start it with, "I know you're going to want to kill me if I say this, but..." DON'T SAY IT. If you already know it's going to piss that person off, keep your frackin' mouth shut. Because what followed that little gem was the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard in my life, and it really pissed me off. So if you want people to keep you in their good graces, don't say stupid shit.

This was way longer than I thought it would be. Creep on, bloggies.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life is GOOD.

So bloggies, I have some big news. (And so help me god if one of you thinks "SHES PREGNANT!" I am NOT. I would rather die.)

I am moving to a new apartment!

Yes, that means I am moving out of the slums and into a lovely, humongous complex where all of the storefronts in the area are in English. Where there may be a set of rims in the parking lot but I'm pretty sure they belong to a 18 year old white kid. Where I can walk my dog because there is a mile and a half long walking trail down the street. Where I can walk across the bridge into a huge shopping area, complete with Pier 1, Barnes & Noble and a movie theater. (And lots more shopping than that. And bars.) Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!?!


Also, this apartment is about 20 minutes from work instead of 40. I was concerned because my current lease goes until 3/31, and the move-in date for the new place is 3/1. So I was prepared to pay March's rent at this current place in addition to the new one. I wouldn't have liked it, but I would've done it. Well. You guys remember Blondie? Amazingly, she has done something right for me. I only have to pay the prorate for March while I'm here, because I'm leaving with less than 30 days left in my lease. So for $45 or something I can break my lease. HALLELUJAH.


 First off, see that pink thing on the back of this car? Thats a Steelers logo. I'm among friends and I haven't even moved in yet! I have the same one on my car.

 Katrina's one complaint about this is the chandelier. But it's up high enough that I'm not smashing my head on it, unlike the one in my current place. Plus the carpeting is a thousand times nicer than here.

Oh hello counter space! This isn't my actual apartment (this one is handicapped accessible) but my washer & dryer will be on that wall (yeah. I said it. WASHER & DRYER, bitches!).

Not quite as big as my closet here, which could double as a bedroom for a small child, but it's doable.

 My bathroom will be a smidge smaller because of the washer & dryer. Umm the fact that I can have a W&D is enough for me, I wouldn't care if I had a shower instead of a tub.

So wahoo! Super excited. My quality of life is going to improve 10-fold. Plus no laundromat!! I love when things work out. 2012, I love you already.

Found this gem today:
I don't like watching NASCAR but God bless the number 3
I cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers, I don't watch the SCC, 
I don't shoot guns or ride horses but I'll give 'em both a try
If Johnny Cash ever heard this song I bet he'd start to cry. 
I'm not country but I like the country, I know where I'm from. 
When I hear your songs on the radio, I start having fun. 
I'm so down with deep fried chicken; Jesus saved my soul. 
Yeah I'm a Northern City boy and this ain't rock and roll

Mostly I just like it because he says he cheers on the Steelers - but you knew that already.

How was everyone's New Year's? Mine was really low key and excellent. Alexis, her friend Amy and I had a girl's night, complete with sweatpants, pizza and Bridesmaids on DVD. And then on Sunday Alexis and I went to Dixie's to watch the Steelers game - you have no idea how excited I am to have found someone as foul-mouthed as I am to watch football with. The boy with no nickname (I guess I'm going to have to give him one) isn't allowed to watch football with me - I don't want to ruin any remaining sweetness that he thinks I have. (Which really, can't be that much to begin with.)

 Quote of the day (goes to Anonymous - She Who Shall Not Be Named)
Me: "I love my LIFE today!"
A: "Speaking of life, I need to take my birth control pill."

And in closing, I will leave you with a countdown. Or four.

36 days until Katrina & Janira are here!
79 days until Gabby & Curtis are here!
150 days until Katie's wedding! (We think.)
204 days until I'm in Maine for HERMIT ISLAND!

Many things to look forward to in 2012. Cannot wait.

Sunday, January 1, 2012