Sunday, April 22, 2012


I have missed hockey. Oh, how I have missed hockey. Twenty to forty games a season since I was 12, and I've only been to ONE game this season? Unheard of. Luckily, it is playoffs right now so I'm watching at least 3 games a week!

My new friend Courtney (hay girl! She's a Steelers fan too!) and I headed out to a bar to watch the Penguins game on Friday night. First, we were the only girls in there remotely interested in hockey and we were rocking our Pittsburgh garb. Secondly, we were the only people in there remotely interested in hockey. It's so weird for me to be in an area where nobody cares about it.

We sat down next to his hot specimen of a man:

His outfit was complete with running shoes, gym shorts, tshirt, sweatband, and greasy/sweaty hair. I'm sorry sir, but did you JOG here?

And since I've moved to the NASCAR hub of the universe, I'm surprised it's taken me this long to say this, but:

I am no longer a race virgin.

Say what?! You read that right. I went to a race. A DIRT TRACK RACE. (Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.) And - I HAD FUN! Alexis said to me before we went, "Wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, and come with an open mind." So I really wasn't sure what to expect.

I didn't know that Mike's Lemonade comes in a can - please heed the warning if you buy these. After one I had to stop. And see that rockin' Shaggin' Wagon? That was our sweet, sweet ride for the night. It was hilarious and awesome at the same time. And? Race guys are hot. (Well. Some. I did not see any mullets or jorts, much to my disappointment, but I did see some awesome beards!)

Food related:

I am trying another iced coffee recipe (it's sitting right now) - will report back. No offense to my homegirl Pioneer Woman, but that recipe I tried before wasn't great. I also attempted to make coffee ice cubes - couldn't get them out of the tray! This one Katrina found on (where else?) Pinterest.

I am also obsessed with Brussels sprouts right now. I'd had them a few times at restaurants before - if you're ever in Springfield, MA you must go to Latitude; theirs are the best - but never made them at home or anything. Last week I decided to get some at the grocery store and see if I could make them even remotely good.

After one okay attempt and one really awful attempt, I made them again today. SUCCESS.

I just halve them, throw them in a bowl and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper, and garlic salt, and then bake in the oven at 400* for 25 minutes. (No longer, no shorter. And flip them halfway through.) You can also add a little lemon juice when they're done if you want but be careful not to add too much - it will make them soggy. Be adventurous and try them!

Look at that smush-face. SO DAMN CUTE. Have a great Monday, kids!


  1. YES....thank you, my life is now complete!

  2. btw, h-fost, why are you an all-p-burg fan? I thought maybe steelers was a cool fluke but I'm sensing a pattern. what's the scoop?

    1. also my google profile photo thing was taken in pittsburgh lol.

    2. Haha my dad is a die-hard Steelers fan so I just grew up a Steelers fan (actually I think I'd be disowned if I was a Pats fan) - I really just got into NFL the last 5 years or so but we've always watched Pittsburgh in our house

  3. Maybe I'm behind the times, but what are jorts? I'm feeling out of the loop.

    1. hahaha they're jean shorts. Jorts, or "junderwear" - super short jean shorts.

  4. not to be confused with jeggings.....