Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Discussions with Blondie: Part Two

Warning: Anticlimactic post coming up.

Yesterday's post documented exactly the type of crap I dealt with at my slummy apartment the entire time I was there. Pretty sure my blood pressure rose about a thousand points while I was talking to that idiot. (Is blood pressure measured in points? No idea.)

Today my phone rings, and its a number I don't know. I don't answer numbers I don't know, because most of the time its Holyoke Dental telling me my appointment is scheduled for tomorrow when I haven't gotten my teeth cleaned there in 2 years, nor have I ever rescheduled any appointments. (And they were awful. If you live anywhere near Springfield, MA - avoid Holyoke Dental like the plague. They're the official dentist of the Springfield Falcons - probably a good thing those boys are already missing a lot of teeth, because those people are not on top of their game.)

Whoa. Tangent. Overtired and it's only Tuesday.

Anyway Blondie left me a message saying that she reduced my cleaning fee to $50 and that I should be expecting a refund for $3.

Lawd have mercy, how generous of you!

At this point, I'm cutting my losses and calling it a draw. And I'm going to take my $3 refund right over to TCBY and reward myself for never having to talk to her again.

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  1. Not sure how, but I missed "discussions with blondie: part one"...this post makes SOOOOOO much more sense now! :-) Glad it "worked itself out"!! Go get em!