Saturday, November 10, 2012

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

So we all know guys like to... exaggerate about the size of some things, because it makes them feel better. (This is surprisingly not leading to something inappropriate - I will only get PG-13 on this blog.) I am not extremely tall, being only 5'5" but I prefer the guys I date to be at least 5'10" to leave room for any sort of heels I may want to wear. And since I don't get too cray and usually stick to under 2" heels, this should not be a problem, right? Right.

Until you schedule a date with a guy who's profile says he's 5'10", so you wear your 2" heels, and when you get to the restaurant it turns out he's ACTUALLY more like 5'6". No. Bueno. I want to put on my profile something like, "Fellas. There are some things you can lie about the size of, but your height is not one of them. Nice try."

In other news, I am officially back working for Gap, Inc again and I am SUPER EXCITED. I decided I needed to get a second job, and the discount there is fantastic. (Okay so really I'm working so I can afford to buy clothes, guilt-free. I see nothing wrong with this.) I am going to be slammed busy, but I think this is a good thing.

One more beauty product recommendation - available at Walmart and Target for like, $3.99. And it will last you for-ev-er! I have the champagne and pink champagne colors, and this eyeshadow is amazing. I literally wear this stuff every single day.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A few things I love right now

The change of season always wreaks havoc on my skin (actually, to be honest, moving South has taken its own toll on my skin, but that's a whole other issue), so I figured I'd share with you guys what my favorite beauty products are right now.

I've used Proactiv for a long time, back when I didn't have to worry about paying for it (thanks Mom!) but now that I have realized how f**cking expensive it is, I'm glad to have found this:

Target's Up&Up brand's 3 Step Acne System. It's like $15.99 (and usually there's a $2 off coupon for the next time in the box), and it's exactly the same as Proactiv that you'd spend close to $60 on. I find that it works just as well, though with my skin I have to change up my routine every couple months or so, so I'll use it, take a break, and then go back to it. 

However, the only thing I don't like about this system is that it doesn't come with a moisturizer and it tends to try my skin out a little bit. So thanks to Katrina who left a sample of this last time she was here, I fell in love with this lotion. I'm almost out of the regular, but I bought the dark-spot corrector this time. And it's CHEAP! Like $1.99 or something, and it will last you for-ev-er.

I'm not sure when bacne came into style, but apparently Charlotte, NC is all about it. I have had minor problems with it before, but here? Holy mother. This was recommended to me, so I keep a bar of it in the shower along with my exfoliating gloves (if you don't have any of these, you can get two pairs for $3.99 at Marshall's/TJ Maxx). Good luck to you finding this though - both times I bought it, it was the last one on the shelf and I've heard it's kind of hard to come by. So buy in bulk if you can.

I didn't use this stuff when my hair was longer, but now that it's short I feel like I need a little "oomph" - plus it helps keep the tease in on day one after washing. Although it will make your hair dirtier faster, fair warning. Which sucks, because we all know how much I hate washing my hair.

all images from Google

So there ya have it - the goods for fall. Have a great weekend bloggies - I've got a date tomorrow, so I'll attempt to update this weekend!