Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life is GOOD.

So bloggies, I have some big news. (And so help me god if one of you thinks "SHES PREGNANT!" I am NOT. I would rather die.)

I am moving to a new apartment!

Yes, that means I am moving out of the slums and into a lovely, humongous complex where all of the storefronts in the area are in English. Where there may be a set of rims in the parking lot but I'm pretty sure they belong to a 18 year old white kid. Where I can walk my dog because there is a mile and a half long walking trail down the street. Where I can walk across the bridge into a huge shopping area, complete with Pier 1, Barnes & Noble and a movie theater. (And lots more shopping than that. And bars.) Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!?!


Also, this apartment is about 20 minutes from work instead of 40. I was concerned because my current lease goes until 3/31, and the move-in date for the new place is 3/1. So I was prepared to pay March's rent at this current place in addition to the new one. I wouldn't have liked it, but I would've done it. Well. You guys remember Blondie? Amazingly, she has done something right for me. I only have to pay the prorate for March while I'm here, because I'm leaving with less than 30 days left in my lease. So for $45 or something I can break my lease. HALLELUJAH.


 First off, see that pink thing on the back of this car? Thats a Steelers logo. I'm among friends and I haven't even moved in yet! I have the same one on my car.

 Katrina's one complaint about this is the chandelier. But it's up high enough that I'm not smashing my head on it, unlike the one in my current place. Plus the carpeting is a thousand times nicer than here.

Oh hello counter space! This isn't my actual apartment (this one is handicapped accessible) but my washer & dryer will be on that wall (yeah. I said it. WASHER & DRYER, bitches!).

Not quite as big as my closet here, which could double as a bedroom for a small child, but it's doable.

 My bathroom will be a smidge smaller because of the washer & dryer. Umm the fact that I can have a W&D is enough for me, I wouldn't care if I had a shower instead of a tub.

So wahoo! Super excited. My quality of life is going to improve 10-fold. Plus no laundromat!! I love when things work out. 2012, I love you already.

Found this gem today:
I don't like watching NASCAR but God bless the number 3
I cheer on the Pittsburgh Steelers, I don't watch the SCC, 
I don't shoot guns or ride horses but I'll give 'em both a try
If Johnny Cash ever heard this song I bet he'd start to cry. 
I'm not country but I like the country, I know where I'm from. 
When I hear your songs on the radio, I start having fun. 
I'm so down with deep fried chicken; Jesus saved my soul. 
Yeah I'm a Northern City boy and this ain't rock and roll

Mostly I just like it because he says he cheers on the Steelers - but you knew that already.

How was everyone's New Year's? Mine was really low key and excellent. Alexis, her friend Amy and I had a girl's night, complete with sweatpants, pizza and Bridesmaids on DVD. And then on Sunday Alexis and I went to Dixie's to watch the Steelers game - you have no idea how excited I am to have found someone as foul-mouthed as I am to watch football with. The boy with no nickname (I guess I'm going to have to give him one) isn't allowed to watch football with me - I don't want to ruin any remaining sweetness that he thinks I have. (Which really, can't be that much to begin with.)

 Quote of the day (goes to Anonymous - She Who Shall Not Be Named)
Me: "I love my LIFE today!"
A: "Speaking of life, I need to take my birth control pill."

And in closing, I will leave you with a countdown. Or four.

36 days until Katrina & Janira are here!
79 days until Gabby & Curtis are here!
150 days until Katie's wedding! (We think.)
204 days until I'm in Maine for HERMIT ISLAND!

Many things to look forward to in 2012. Cannot wait.


  1. Wooo! 2012! This year is going to be AWESOME. I know I keep saying it, but, power of positive thinking.

  2. So awesome! Can't wait to check out the new place and then walk on over to my favoirte wine bar, The Corkscrew!

  3. Awesome...congrats! I'm gonna be on that countdown sometime...I'm coming to visit and that's all there is to that!

    Yay for moving....say, "adios" to the slums! :-)

  4. The new apt looks great! I would LOVE a washer/dryer in my apt!

  5. so glad you are going to be out of the slums ;) you deserve way better