Sunday, January 8, 2012


I put up a new layout on the blog - so if you're reading this in Google Reader, click the title and it'll open the blog in a new window. I simplified things a little bit - I tried to glitterbomb the background but it made things really hard to read. Maybe once I get savvier with the whole blog thing I can conquer that.

*Edit* header picture via - damn you pinterest. I tried to stay off that damn site. Thanks Mom, for telling me my blog was "kinda blah" - started another addiction.

The weather here the past few days has been amazing! It hit 67 yesterday. Jen called to see if I wanted to go for a walk, and I had an entire day of catching up on shows and magazines planned, but I decided against being completely lazy. We went to the White Water Center and sat in the sun for a few hours and just read. Any day in January that I need to wear sunscreen outside is okay in my book.

I got through the People and halfway through Glamour. Women's Health just started showing up one day, and Allure I got for free from Ulta, so I don't feel guilty for not reading them right away. And this Jodi Picoult book? Holy crap. I started it when I got my radio replaced on Monday and I was trying really hard to not cry in the middle of the car dealership. So good. I recommend any of her books.

Speaking of books, does anyone have a suggestion on a new series? I'm having withdrawals from the Hunger Games and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and I need something else to become obsessed with. Especially since Harry Potter is done. (*tear*)

The following messages are kind of like Quote of the Day, but I don't know these guys. The whole OkCupid thing is worth it for the entertainment value alone, so I've decided I will post the ridiculous and hilarious messages I get.

Hey there! I see that you like (insert random fact from profile), I like (random fact) also! Here is a hopefully interesting anecdote about (random fact)! I also like (insert band name here), their new CD was pretty great! Hope to hear from you soon! 
- Really? Has this worked for you in the past?

Hello there Mandy. I'm 33 and live out in Indian Land, SC, just outside of Charlotte. I read your profile and was interested in what I read. I'm a big fan of hockey and of course football. I'm not a Steelers fan, but a Patriots fan (but I'm not an obnoxious Patriots fan ;) ).
- First off, who in the freak is Mandy? 
-Secondly, if you have to declare that you're not an obnoxious fan - you're probably an obnoxious fan.

Hello there, I'm new to this online stuff. Wanna talk? Call me any time. 704-###-####.
- Do you maybe, I dunno, want to know my name before giving out your number?
- This guy was also 41. I wanted to respond "You do realize that you could be my father, right?" Young father, but still.

These are prime examples of why my profile says that I respond "very selectively." I'm trying to be nicer this time around so that rating will go down to "moderately selective" but I think the chances of that are pretty slim.

Also, perfect music for a lazy Sunday - Jay-Z's Pandora station. A good mix - heard a little Kanye, some Fugees, some Biggie. Just be careful of The Devil Inside commercials - they're terrifying and not at all relaxing!


  1. Have you tried the Jo Nesbo books? They're Norwegian detective novels and I really like them! Also, Val McDermid?

    Your day sounds lovely!

  2. Love Love Love the new layout. Make mine over please :)