Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I want to preface this post by saying that I have the most amazing group of girls that I have the absolute pleasure of calling my best friends. But. 98% of my friends are a thousand miles away.

So how do you make new friends as an adult? And I don't mean replacement friends, I just mean more. I've been lucky enough to meet some good friends through work & various temp jobs I did, but how else would do you that? I have no problem chatting with random people, like while I'm shopping or whatever, but how do you take it to the next level? "HEY YOU WANNA HANG OUT?!" This is like dating! Its so weird! I don't want to be a creeper.

I miss the hockey thing for this reason (and other than 40 free games a season, this is the only thing I miss about it - I don't miss living alone 80% of the season, packing up my life every 6 months, plus the whole job search and royally effing over my resume). Every season you go to the first game, anxious to see the new group of girls you're going to hang out with for the next 6 months, hoping that you click with at least a couple of them. Because you don't always click, but sometimes you're lucky enough to meet some girls you stay friends with even after the season is over.

I came across this article on HelloGiggles today. And then Jenna Marbles put up her new video, Why Girls Hate Each Other, so this is apparently a theme for today.

Wrapping it up with a Quote of the Day:

"God I love hot yoga." - Me
"I need to try it. I left the gym today and Monday feeling that way about running too. That rarely happens twice in a week but being there and running 2 or 3 miles easily while I watch resolutioners keeling over is sort of motivating in a sick way." - Darrah

11 days into the year - who's still sticking with their resolutions?

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  1. I hear you on the friend thing!!! 98% of my friends are on the other side of that tiny little ocean :(
    But try at your hot yoga class to start talking to girls(Im assuming bc it's hot yoga,there will be other girls) or if your going to gym,try to find a workout buddy and then you can hit them up with a Q if they wanna go shopping or something...

    P.S I really hope Im not one of those Pats fans even tho I am a Pats fan!!