Saturday, December 3, 2011

One for you, one for me

This'll be a long one - its been a few days since I've posted. This whole working thing? Exhausting! And it takes up a LOT of free time. But I have to say that I absolutely love my job. Which is good, since the commute is a little long. But since I bought a new car last week (!!!), and I'm not filling up my gas tank every 4 days, it makes it a little more bearable. I hit 475 miles last night before I had to fill up. FOUR SEVENTY FIVE. what?! (I realize the fact that I'm driving 475 miles in 6 days is sickening.)
That H is for Helen.

I officially became a resident of NC yesterday - passed the license test, thank god. The sign test was way harder than I thought it was going to be, because all of the signs were BLANK. You had to go by shape and color only. Luckily the woman guided me a little bit, haha. Setting a record on how many states I can be a resident of in one year - since this year its been Massachusetts, Maine and North Carolina. Pretty sure I'm on The Flagged List for the government now. But I don't plan on moving again for a LONG time, unless I find a rich husband and we can live in like, Aruba, or something.

I had my first visitor in Charlotte this weekend! Miss Darrah came to town for the ACC championship game, so I tailgated with her and her friends today. We were visions in purple and orange. She also accompanied me for my first visit to Ross - comparable to Marshall's/TJ Maxx, but potentially better. I didn't look at their clothes but I got a few things for people for Christmas, and scored a sick pair of purple Nikes for $24.99!! Plus? Its right next to the Food Lion I go to. So convenient. (Also, we did not do the 5K this morning. I peeked at the clock when I woke up this morning - 7:15. YES. 5K started at 8 so I was in the clear. We did some cardio-shopping at Ross instead.)

Another reason I love Charlotte: 
Found in the bakery at Food Lion.

Date update: Zach Galifinakis from the other night has texted me every day this week. About nothing, just random made-up-word texts. And I have not responded to any of them. Today I got a friend request from him. I'm a little creeped out because I did not give him my last name, so he went into Friend Request Purgatory. Me not responding to a text is a big hint that WE'RE DONE, so there's no need to friend me. I may have to call in the big guns for this one - this is why I tell you to have a guy friend on reserve who already thinks you're crazy, so when you need him to pretend to be your boyfriend to scare off another guy, he's okay with it.

Complete change of topic: I know I've mentioned ELF here before, but I just want to reiterate what a great site they are. I just ordered a ton of stuff on Black Friday - a few things were gifts, but most of it was for me. Typically my Christmas shopping is One For You, One (or Two) For Me. I can't help it. I don't have a shoe problem like normal girls, and my bag obsession has calmed down a LOT since we stopped having purse parties (and being able to shop the flea market in Derry, NH). So I think the fact that I'm buying a lot of cheap but great quality makeup is okay. As long as I have more storage space in my next apartment - I fear my little makeup drawer will overflow soon.

This is my ELF collection. It looks like a lot, but it's probably $45 worth of makeup. Smokin' deals!! The rectangle eyeshadow duos at the top I got at Ross today for $3.99. For ALL of them. And they came with an eyeshadow brush. The compacts next to them are a shimmer and bronzing powder, and the small square purple & gold is a mineral-type eyeshadow with a heavy pigment. All of those were great deals too. The eyeliner pencils are GREAT - very vibrant, and they all have sharpeners in the caps, which I think is huge, because if I am ever traveling and have a smaller makeup bag without all of the essentials, I never remember to grab a sharpener.And those 6 tubes to the right of those are the All-in-One stick - for eyes, lips, cheeks, whatever. Wherever you want to use it, it works. 

My next investment with them will probably be a new batch of brushes, because the ones I have are a few years old and kind of mangy. I wash them regularly and try to take care of them, but after they get thrown around in your makeup bag for a while they start to get gross. I was complaining to Katrina that I needed a makeup brush holder, but I wanted something blingy (duh). Behold:

"Well look who just had a blingy cup on hand!" - Katrina

This is actually a votive holder that came in a 3 pack - the other two are red and green, and are being festive alongside this:

The perfect sized tree for this apartment, thanks to my mom. It was a surprise that came in the mail the other day and I was SO excited to open it! I have a great fake tree (and amazing glitter Christmas balls from Old Navy circa oh-six (har har

Last but not least, these are two things that I have added to my wish list in the past week. If anyone has any idea where I can get either of them for cheap (specifically the poster - I won't use the mixer much but it would be a SWEET kitchen accessory), please let me know. (Katrina, that means you.)

From Bling Diva Designs


  1. Unfortunately I don't think that is a real poster, just a picture. Maybe you can have it printed somewhere? And we're totally covering all our kitchen supplies in rhinestones!!

  2. waaaaaaaa thats what I thought. Hmph.