Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Glitterbombed, Take Two

This is going to be a really excited post - I'm giving you fair warning.

First off, MY BFFS ARE COMING!!!!!!!! Well, the MA contingent of BFFs. Katrina and Janira booked their flights to come visit me in February for a pre-Valentine's Day Girls Weekend!!! I've Groupon'd some manicures for us, there will be a lot of shopping, lots of laughing, and let's be real: LOTS OF GLITTER. HJK may be a little out of control that weekend. Watch out, Charlotte.

Secondly, I wanna give a shout out to my new followers (who I don't even know - do you understand how excited this makes me?!) I can tell just from your blogs that you girls are my people. Welcome. <3

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So remember yesterday I posted all those glittery pictures? The glitter continued today. I got my box from Katrina (that's her other blog - hilarity ensues there). I've got a question for y'all. If someone were to say to you, "Hey, I'm purging my handbags - do you want these Coach bags?" would you even hesitate? Or even ask what they look like? You wouldn't. You know you wouldn't. I didn't. And I temporarily forgot they were coming, so I was pretty surprised at the size of the box that was on my desk when I got back from lunch.


This little wallet may become my new business card holder.

Candle holder - and the candle inside? DIVINE.

SO SHINY. Not this shiny in real life, but I immediately switched to this bag.

I actually had this bag as a knockoff but gave it away!
The box also contained some little jewelry travel bags, which I'm super excited about, and! A super-blinged-out iPhone case! I accosted Katrina when I saw hers this summer, and immediately her response was, "Do you want a pink one for Christmas?!" DUH. The last part of my gift is a Birchbox but won't be delivered until January sometime - I'll be posting what comes in it, fear not.

I wanna know - how often do you switch your handbags out? I find myself changing mine out every 3 weeks or so. It keeps me liking my bags; I don't get sick of them, because I don't carry them for a long period of time. And I find that I don't carry as much crap in my bag if I'm constantly switching them.

All this talk of gifts reminds me - the three of us maybe decided we deserve to have another holiday to exchange gifts. All of our birthdays are right around the same time, and of course Christmas, but I feel like we should get gifts at the end of summer too, just to even things up a bit. We may exchange gifts for Labor Day.

Today on my lunch break I went over to Ulta to return one of the Mario Badescu face washes I bought - (I bit the bullet and got a Proactiv kit. But I've decided to just buy at the kiosk in the mall instead of getting it mailed to me, because they charge you out the ass monthly and then you have a huge backstock of stuff that you'll never use) Ulta is like crack. Don't go in there thinking you can just do a return and skedaddle. They would only do an even exchange anyway, so I got some el cheap-o lotion to keep on my desk at work, and then some Lasplash super glitter eyeshadow in Fuse. 

But while I was there my new work friend was buying a bunch of new makeup and brushes, which reminded me that I needed a foundation brush. I had one, and I stopped using it, and when I was packing to move I am pretty sure I said "meh! What the heck? I'm not going to use this, leave it here." So instead of having my mom go on a scavenger hunt through all of my belongings that I left at her house, I figured I'd check out ELF for pricing. WOULDN'T YOU KNOW they are having a BRUSH SALE! Eleven piece brush set for $2.12 - you have to spend $20.12 to get the deal. (Good luck with that. I have a hard enough time spending $15 to get free shipping.) (You're welcome, by the way. Every time I post something about ELF I get texts or messages on Facebook - "Look what you made me order!!!" Listen kids, I'm not putting your credit card number in. Not my fault. I only introduced you to the drug, I'm not feeding the addiction.)

This post is all over the place, and I'm not even done! So since the majority of my free-brain-time is used thinking about weddings - Katie's actually planning hers for real, and the rest of us just throw ideas back and forth like any of us are even remotely close to being engaged - I wanted to share this cake with you guys. I think it's a cool idea. What do you think? Kind of a traditional cake plus a groom's cake all at once.

via AWS - Like them on FB for Wedding Wednesday ideas

And in closing, Quote of the Day goes to Darrah:

"This is going to sound really awful of me, but why some of these guys who message me think they stand a chance... I will never understand."

Amen, sister. Anyone else online dating? I want to hear your stories!


  1. That is a nice glittery clutch.
    All the best

    Jana & Vanessa

  2. This post IS all over the place, so my comment will be too.
    1. We totally need Labor Day gifts! At least something small and sparkly.
    2. I'm super glad you liked your gift! I probably change my purses every week or two. I love them all and they deserve equal time!
    3. I want cupcakes at my wedding with a little mini cake for us to cut. Groom doesn't get a cake. THIS IS MY DAY.