Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Catching Up

As I sat down to get this post started, Bailey decided she was not quite done getting attention. Helpful.
View from my lap

This is how I started my day yesterday:

omg doublerainbow - and its pink!
This is how I ended my night on Sunday:

The recipe is from here - if you don't follow Nik's blog, you should. She is all-around fabulous. I modified the recipe a bit - I got the bag of mint/chocolate chips mixed, and I nixed the green food coloring. Also, you need to bake them for at least 12 minutes otherwise they will fall apart. Which, if that's your thing, bake them for 10 minutes. Warning: you will not want to stop eating these once you start. I made these for date #2 with the guy I went out with last weekend - he made dinner and I made dessert - but I'm pretty sure we both could've just had cookies for dinner and been happy about it.

Speaking of dates - I think ZG got the hint, because I haven't heard from him. (Watch, this is me jinxing myself.) And big news: I disabled my OKC account. Literally every "match" they send me is either a creeper with children (how does that happen?! I mean, I know how it happens...) or a super geek who is fluent in C++. I don't even know what C++ is, so I'm pretty sure that means we are NOT A MATCH. Either I'm super picky or Charlotte is running out of eligible bachelors. Either one of these could be true, but I like to think that I just know what I want, rather than describe it as "picky". But I'm getting a good feeling about this guy I've had two dates with now - he's so not-weird I can't even give him a nickname, so I think that's a really good sign. Good job, nice apartment, nice car, normal routine, and he cooks. Holy hell, a man who knows what he's doing in the kitchen? That is unheard of! And no superhero costumes to be found (yet). Fingers crossed.

I have to give a shoutout to my new friend Alexis who I met during that horrible Ford temp job - I know she's a follower of the blog, and she's a... wait for it... STEELERS FAN!!!!!!! So so so excited about this! We went to Dixie's for last Thursday's game and had a great time. And we had a quick visit from a guy from OKC - at 7:30 he texted me to say he was showering and getting ready, at 8:45 that he was on his way, and he was gone by 9:10. Dude, it took you an hour and 45 minutes to get ready to hang out for 15 minutes? Why bother? I would've just stayed home.

Warning: Football Rant
(skip to next paragraph if you don't care about football)
Now, I understand the NFL is cracking down on helmet-to-helmet hits, trying to keep everyone safe, less concussions, blah blah blah. I get it. Guys are bigger now, they hit harder, and the NFL doesn't want to have to pay for long term medical for these guys who's brains get scrambled on the field. However. IT'S FOOTBALL. You sign up to play the game, you know the risks you take. You could get a concussion, or worse. But the rules that the NFL are enforcing are taking the football out of football. Know why all of the offenses this year are out of control with their scoring numbers? Because defensive players don't know how they're allowed to hit people, and the refs don't know what is a clean hit and what isn't. Ryan Clark of the Steelers hits a guy, doesn't get a penalty. Tomlin's showing this hit the next day in practice as a clean hit. Tuesday, Clark gets a fine from the NFL for said hit. Seriously? James Harrison, who has a reputation for being a hard-hitting (and mouthy, re: Roger Goodell) guy, had a bad year last year as far as hitting and fines go. He changed up his hitting style a bit, and has stayed out of trouble for about a year. Thursday night's game, Harrison hits Colt McCoy with a helmet-to-helmet hit that lays McCoy out. Harrison gets a 15 yard penalty, and I figured a fine was probably on it's way from Goodell's office, because any time Goodell can get Harrison to donate to the fine fund, he'll make him. The NFL announced Harrison's suspension today, citing that Harrison's hit was illegal because he violated a rule "that prohibits defensive players from using their helmet against a passer who is in a defenseless posture, including by "forcibly hitting the passer's head or neck area with the helmet or facemask." Specifics of this hit though? McCoy was out of the pocket, which technically makes him a runner, therefore cannot be classified as defenseless. He was holding the ball like he was going to run, and at the last split second, chucked the ball away. Even worse? Harrison wasn't even penalized for the helmet-to-helmet hit - he was penalized for ROUGHING THE PASSER! And for a guy who hasn't been fined this season, how is a suspension the immediate decision? Haynesworth stomping on a guys helmet-less head and Suh slamming a guy's head into the ground and then stomping on his arm, both after the whistle and blatantly violent, I can see ending in suspensions. And don't even get me started on Goodell unfairly targeting Pittsburgh players, thats a whole other argument and I know most of you that read this couldn't care less about football, so I'll spare you. For today, anyway.
/end rant

If we're Facebook friends then you've seen this, but I'm posting it again anyway because I cannot wait to see this movie. This spring is going to be filled with movies for me, I can tell already.

Doesn't that just give you goosebumps? I love love love Rachel McAdams, and c'mon, Channing Tatum? YES PLEASE. Makes me want to go watch The Notebook.

Just to wrap this up - are any of you on Twitter? You can follow me here - and if you aren't on it yet, you should be. I fought it for a long time - "what do you mean I can only use 140 characters?!" and "Twitter? Who needs Twitter? Its the same thing as Facebook!" Nope. Absolutely wrong. This is one of very few times I will admit when I am wrong, so mark it on your calendar and next year we'll throw a party. As Katrina put it - "its a place to follow people that you like but wouldn't friend on Facebook. Like, you wouldn't friend taza-and-husband on Facebook but you can follow her on Twitter and get the same updates." (Side note: I would, and did, friend Naomi on Facebook. But I am a stalker. She has a cute baby and a bulldog! And how often do I think babies are cute? Never.) And if you follow some big name celebs/bloggers/whoever they do a lot of giveaways - the Steelers players are always giving away tickets on Twitter because Facebook has some crazy contest rules that seriously puts a damper on winning anything. So, sign up, follow me and I'll follow you! Deal?


  1. awww. Miss Bailey <3 (and you too!).

  2. TOTALLY unblog-related, but your Christmas present is on it's way.....

  3. By the way, men who can cook run in your family, or at least in your mom's family. : ) Good call!

    -- Julles

    [and fie on BlogSpot for not recognizing me now, after letting me comment before - don't know what's up with that. grrrrr.]