Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am DONE Christmas shopping. Done. I braved the mall today (after taking the completely WRONG highway to get there - thank god for GPS), and it really wasn't all that awful. I ended up buying more for myself than for anyone else, but Old Navy was having a smokin' deal! The whole store was buy one get one free, so I got 2 pairs of PJ pants (pink plaid, of course) and 2 pairs of jeans for $50. And when you got their jingle jams, you got a free pair of comfy fuzzy socks. Boy do I love me some comfy fuzzy socks, I wear them to work sometimes. 

All I have to do now is get some boxes in the mail. But me sending boxes = me getting boxes, so that's really exciting. Because what's Christmas all about? PRESENTS! (And Mama's sticky buns - YUM.)

I'm on my last disc of Deadwood, and I'm really upset about it. Next up in my queue is Modern Family Season 2, but what am I going to do without Timothy Olyphant in my life? I guess I could Netflix Justified, but its not quite the same. I'm about to upgrade to instant too so I can finish 24. It's going to take me 2 years to get through my queue at this rate.

Okay ladies, I need some help. When I got down here, my skin started to freak the eff out. I mean, I haven't broken out this bad in years probably. I attributed this to stress, since I wasn't working, but now that I have a job I'm far less stressed than I was, and its continuing. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me some antibiotics and some cream, neither of which has seemed to make that much of a difference. (At first I thought they were helping, but now I'm not convinced.) I don't want to go back and pay for another copay and cream that doesn't work. Does anyone have a cleanser routine they swear by? I stopped at Ulta today and got two trial sizes of Mario Badescu face wash, one deep cleanser and one for acne, so I'm hoping it helps. If not, I may have to just suck it up and go back to using Proactiv, because that shit works, but its expensive.

Also, Katrina has started another blog. Sparkle is still up and running, so please head there if you need any fashion inspiration - she is definitely the fashionable half of this BFF relationship. But her family reads that one, and if you know Katrina, you know her family is CRAY CRAY. So she started another one where she can be honest about the real stuff going on in her life. Head over to Paint It Black and leave her a comment. She loves those things. (Really, we all love comments. This is the danger of living in the Facebook Age.)

Have you heard of Shit Girls say? This video is so spot-on, I hate to admit it but it's hilarious. You know at one time or another you've said most of those things.

Can't finish a post without talking about boys though, can I? Of course not. Why is it, that when one guy starts to show interest, THEY ALL SHOW INTEREST? Do we give off a "I'm almost taken" scent and they all come running? It sounds silly, but think about the last time you started dating someone. I bet there was another guy who was waiting in the wings and trying to get your attention. I guess we can call these guys Secondaries, because normally they're someone you'd go out with if you didn't have the first guy already. My Secondary is pretty much All Talk (capitalization is necessary - he's been All Talk since the 8th grade), not to mention 900 miles away. But still fun to have that little bit of attention, no? I'm an attention whore, what can I say.

Brought to you by Janira: DATING FAIL: Ridiculous Email from a Guy You Should Never Date. This guy is out of his mind, and is what I was afraid was going to happen with ZG but I haven't heard from him. I also Googled myself - do it if you haven't recently - and nothing came up, thankfully, but you never know.

This week's Dating Quote of the Week brought to you by Janira:
"I'm trying to be a wife, not a rebound."
Amen, sister.


  1. ALL TALK. I believe that's a fine name.

  2. First of all, I love that video!! It's so so true, haha :D and then I think guys have this radar that says "that chick is not available so I have to have her"!! I've had my own experience with that radar years ago so I know how you feel girl!!
    Then what comes to your skin. I had a huge issue with my skin when I 1st moved here bc the water was different from the what I had back in Fin. I changed to using facial wipes instead of water and it got better. And yes, I still take showers and wash my face while there but for make up removal and stuff its no water for me :)
    And when I had my worse acne ever I found a solution from Body Shop!! They have these Tea Tree products for skin and I loved it! And if I remember right, it wasn't that expensive :)
    Also if I get hair spray to my skin or have strong smelling detergent my skin breaks out!! But my skin is sensitive thats to my mom so I've always been little special ;) I've even tried snail cream!!
    Hope you find a solution for your problem and shoot me a text if you want more info. I've already written out a novel as a comment so I better stop =) <3

  3. Well, first I can't give you skin advice since I Accutaned the life out of my face to get the skin I have today. It is resistant to almost anything. But I have heard good things about the Mario Bedescu stuff.

    Second, crap I have to mail your gift. It will never make it in time. Oops!

    Third, I love that video and Janira.

  4. I use the Clinique three step facewash and think it's awesome. Step 2 is like face tingles and stings and you know that it's cleaning the eff out of your pores. Love it!