Sunday, March 18, 2012


Can I get a hallelujah for last week being over? Good GOD what an awful week. I was feeling absolutely disgusting after our eating weekend in Myrtle Beach and all I wanted to do was Group Power every day to get back on track. Events out of my control lead to me not getting to the gym until Saturday morning. What? Completely unnecessary and put me in a horrible mood.

But nothing that a day of shopping couldn't cure - who doesn't love a trip to Ikea? I know I keep saying this, but I have almost everything for my new place. I have curtains up, I bought a TV today (what?! see below) - now all I have left to do is put up the rest of my wall hangings, get some pictures for some empty frames, and organize my damn bathroom. I have a Pinterest craft in the works for that - will do a post on it once it's finished.

oh hey Bailey <3
Yes Alexis, my bed is pulled away from the wall, like an adult. Look at those curtains. Those babies were $6.99 for a set of two at Ikea. (See that fancy bunching at the bottom? Done with hair clips. *Now that I just looked at this picture again I realize you can't see the bunching AT ALL, but you get the idea.*) The other curtains I got came with hemming tape - but do I own an iron? No. I do not. ("But Helen, what do you do when your clothes are wrinkled?" I find something else to wear.) BUT. I do own a FLAT IRON and that did the exact same thing - so YEEHAW this place is feeling like home!

oh HAY Harry Potter marathon!
I am so excited to be a functioning member of society now. Because I'm tired of hearing "hey did you see -- oh no wait, you don't have a TV. Of COURSE you didn't see it!" But I fear with all of my channels to choose from, I will never get anything done ever again. I can watch Grey's, Private Practice, Once Upon A Time, hockey, football, and JERSEYLICIOUS (don't judge me) in real time. SO EXCITED. Any suggestions for new shows I need to get hooked on?

So yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, and can I just admit something right now? I've never been out for St Patrick's Day. Not once. To me it's like going out for New Year's Eve - I'm not one for crowds, because I like to avoid wanting to throw down with some obnoxious drunk bitches. Alexis and I decided we'd walk over to Birkdale (which from my apartment is a lovely, well-lit stroll - there's a bridge!) and it was underwhelming.

That there is the remnants of a very tasty and sticky Margarita. I also had a Tequila Lime jello shot - more tequila than lime. They also had another flavor that the bartender described as "We don't know what's in it, it says DL on the cover and they're poop-green" - hell of an endorsement! Yes please, give me the shit green jello shot. (Alexis tried it and said it wasn't bad though, haha.) And we were home by 10pm. Yup. I also did not feel like death this morning, so there's the upside of not staying out til the wee hours.

I don't have a Quote of the Day for this post (apparently none of my friends are feeling particularly funny lately... probably because everyone I know had an absolute shite week last week) so I will leave you with a picture of my absolutely FABULOUS dinner/lunch/lunch I made tonight.

Bag o' lettuce
Green pepper
Can o' tuna
Italian dressing

Done and delicious.


  1. I highly suggest getting into Smash. It's a great show and pretty addicting. I don't think you'd be disappointed!

  2. I second Smash...I'm hooked! And if you haven't seen Awake on NBC...shame on you! It's awesome! Other than that...Modern Family (you better already be watching this or I will disown you!), Suburgatory, New girl...those are my shows! I have yet to see Breaking In, but it's on my list! Wow, I might just watch too much TV!! Does it help that I usually watch them all on the treadmill???

  3. I'm so glad to see that bed isn't against the wall! I mean really. And I'm SO EXCITED about your TV! And FURNITURE.