Sunday, March 25, 2012

Whole lotta craftin' goin' on

Okay kids, I need to apologize for my posts being so spread out and only like, once a week. But honestly by the time I get home from work and the gym I am exhausted and just want to cuddle up on the couch with Bailey and watch TV. (Like an adult. Since I have a TV now.) So I'm going to commit to at least posting on Sundays and if anything exciting happens during the week, I'll be sure to update. However the chances of excitement during the week are slim, since the dating has definitely slowed down considerably. All I have to choose from now on OKC is:

  • 21-year-olds who are "mature for their age" (no you're not) and "not interested in sex" (well, I am, so this is really not going to work out)
  • Guys who message me and tell me I'm too demanding because I answered the "How many times a day do you brush your teeth?" question with "At least two, if not more. And if your answer is less than two, don't bother messaging me because you are disgusting." I'm sorry, but that is unacceptable. That is basic hygiene and if you are not brushing your teeth twice a day by choice, I want you nowhere near me, let alone attempting to kiss me. GROSS.
  • Guys who have zero self confidence and show it in their first message. "Could you please do me a favor and look through my profile and let me know if you make it to the end without rolling your eyes too much or throwing up in your mouth. If you make it that far, could you let me know so we can talk further.." I don't even need to look at your profile to tell you that I am not interested. I've dated the guy with zero self confidence before, and its not fun for anyone. Can't love anyone else if you don't love yourself first. (And holy mother am I in love with myself, so I'm ready to love someone else!)
Needless to say, slim pickin's. I've gone back and forth deactivating/reactivating my profile all week, but I think I'm going to leave it up for entertainment factor alone.

Huge news about work - this is my last week as a temp! YEEHAW. On to having bigger paychecks and health insurance. There was a slight chance that I would be going on salary; cannot tell you how glad I am that that is not happening. Forty hours of mind reading is plenty.

This past weekend was awesome and full of laziness, but I did get a lot accomplished too. Friday night Alexis and I went to her friends house for a little gathering, and this house was full of dogs. Four of them! I was in heaven (and Bailey was quite alarmed when I got home and sniffed me from one end to the other).

So I mentioned a little craft that I was doing in my last post. You all know how Pinterest-obsessed I am, and I came across a cool way to store my makeup. My bathroom has ZERO storage other than the cabinet under the sink. No drawers whatsoever, which is a huge pain the arse when you have a lot of makeup like me. (Shameless plug, because you all need spring colors: ELF is having $1.99 shipping when you spend $15 or more. Ends tomorrow - go now!) This is what it usually looks like when I try to find what I'm looking for:

Big ol' mess.

Last weekend Alexis and I went to Ikea so I could stock up on decorating necessities. I picked up one of these magnet boards and a can of light blue spray paint. (This is a duh, but please do this step outside.)

I did not have a glue gun (gasp!) and found a super cute one for $4.99 at Michael's. I also got a package of mini glue gun sticks and a package of magnets.

 Let your glue gun heat up a little bit before you try to force the glue out. I am the least patient person I know so at first I was freaking out, "this damn glue gun sucks! Why isn't the glue coming out?!" Duh, idiot, because ITS NOT HOT YET.

Attach magnets to the bottom of all your eyeshadow compacts, blushes, bronzer etc. Anything with a flat bottom really. (I tried it with the tubes of foundation - they ended up falling off the magnets.)

Let cool, and slap 'em up on the board! Voila! Easy peasy, and total cost was probably $30.

Also, speaking of Michael's - while I was there, I used a coupon from my Key Ring app. If you have an iPhone, this app is a must. You scan all those annoying little cards you get from the grocery store, CVS, etc into the app and it sends you all kinds of great coupons!

The other day my friend Mugg posted on Facebook asking if anyone had a good recipe for iced coffee. Normally I make mine in the coffee pot and just pour over ice, but that results in watered down coffee with half melty ice cubes. Blech. But one of my idols, Ree Drummond - The Pioneer Woman, has a Perfect Iced Coffee recipe that I have been dying to try. Kate got me a sweet drink dispenser for Christmas and it literally has taken me this long to stock up on coffee and buy a mesh strainer so I could make this recipe.

Yes, I eat Princess Gummies for vitamins. I'm 26. Don't judge.

I used a big sauce pot and the inside of my crockpot, because I didn't have anything else. You may want to plan ahead and go buy a few containers solely for this purpose. Put your coffee in, then 2 gallons of water. (I'm serious. Two gallons is a lot.) Stir it up, make sure all the coffee has gotten wet. Then put it in the fridge for a minimum of 8 hours. I left mine overnight because I didn't want to do the next step at 11:30 at night.

Line your strainer with the cheesecloth (paper towel) and put it in the bowl. Dump the concoction from the previous picture into the strainer. I had to split this up into 4 sections - my bowl wasn't big enough and the paper towel had too many coffee grounds in it after a while so no liquid would come out.

 Pour whats in the bowl into a drink dispenser (or you can store it in Tupperware, if that's your thing) and behold: Liquid Gold.

Pour over ice, add creamer. Straw optional. Success! And quite delicious. I went with the regular Folger's coffee, but I think once I'm out of it (since I bought the 3-pound mega package at BJs) I'm going to splurge on Dunkin Donuts coffee to make this next time.

I need two wall hangings and then my apartment decorating will be complete. I went to Lowe's yesterday on a whim and bought all the things I needed to hang up shelves and my mirror - industrial Velcro is where it's at for the mirror! Holy crap that thing is never coming down, I'm going to have to putty the wall when I move out. I hung it a little bit too low so I may have to get one more set and move it up a little bit because I can't pull the existing sticky off the wall without pulling the paint off. And while I was there, I also found these:

Oh hey adirondack chairs for $18 each! Now I can sit outside and listen to the trucks drive by on the highway if I want to.

We are in the midst of planning our next Pinterest party, so I'm on the hunt for a new craft. Anyone have any nail polish storage ideas? I kind of want them to be on display so I don't have to dump the bag out every time I'm looking for a color (like my makeup situation) but I didn't find any small spice racks at Ikea. If you've got an idea, holler in the comments - I want to hear it!

Hope all y'all have a great week!


  1. I've been looking for nail polish storage solutions too! Also. Over the door shoe pockets are AWESOME for bathrooms with very little storage. I use one (get the clear plastic kind) for my deodorant, face was, toothpaste, etc etc etc.

  2. i store my nailpolish in one of those VHS (lol) storage boxes, or memories boxes, the sturdy cardboard cool patterned ones with a lid...that has works out for me because they will just stand upright in there---loveee the magnet board idea! know what ill be picking up next time i go to ikea ;)