Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Manicure

Zoya: Kristen, OPI: Rainbow Connection
We'll see how long this manicure lasts. There's a lot of glitter on the tips. But as long as I can get through the first few days of this week, I'll be fine - because Janira & Katrina are coming, and we are going to get manicures on Friday! I am so excited to see the MA contingent of my BFFs, I haven't seen them since September. I have a feeling the entire weekend is going to be like this article, because the 3 of us do not shut up the entire time we're together. I just wish I was already moved into my new apartment because the one I'm in now is slightly embarrassing, but I wrote my LAST RENT CHECK to this hellhole leasing company yesterday. All I have to say about that is: WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Please behold the awesomeness that is in this video:

I haven't eaten at Sonic before, but I want to now.

So today is The Big Game, and Alexis is having a few girls over. From the sounds of it, the amount of food we are going to have could probably feed both teams that are playing in the game (and there's only four of us). I am making these:
I am just hoping mine come out that well. I did buy mini-chocolate chips (with Mary Bohn in mind - "look at me, I'm mini!!!") and since I have FOUR POUNDS of peanut butter from my BJs trip last week, I didn't need to buy any more.

One last thing you should remember (thanks to the lovely Gabby for sharing this with me):



  1. Oh my God I could not love that manicure more. Also, Sonic isn't that exciting. We got one here a few years ago, and it was mobbed for awhile, and now no one cares anymore. But they do have tater tots, so that's nice. ALSO, apple nachos?! Hello.

  2. hahaha I was also paying attention the David Beckham gawd, that man is sexy. But that quickly turned into...hmmm my bf would also look good in those underwear... bahahah what is happening to me?!