Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday... Funday?

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This is my last lazy Sunday for about a month, and I am taking full advantage of it. The only plans I have today are to catch up on Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice, and do a lot of reading - since for some reason, my reading has gone from all.the.freaking.time to maybe 20 minutes at night. Sadness. Although Alexis, Jen and I are heading to Myrtle Beach for my birthday, so I do have a stack of magazines and books that I am planning on devouring while we're there.

Normally I'd be posting a Sunday Manicure for all y'all, but since I'm in a packing and moving frenzy for the next week I'm not even going to bother. Once I get one chip, it's all over.

This is what my day looked like yesterday:

I packed up all my dishes except my Tupperware - I'm using paper plates and plastic cups all week. Because let's face it. I'm single, and I don't cook actual meals just for myself anyway, so I don't really need real plates and bowls right now. I started packing and I couldn't stop, which was my fear. I just wanted to clean out my storage closet and be done for the day, but once I got on a roll of organizing, it was all over.

I only have my bathroom cabinets, some clothes, pots and pans, and food to pack. Bailey definitely knows something is up - you'd think she'd be used to it by now, every 6 months packing up and moving. I can't wait to actually be in this next apartment for a year (or *gasp* LONGER THAN A YEAR). That means I can buy actual decorative stuff, and move in to a place without thinking "Why bother? Just gonna leave soon anyway." That is so foreign to me. Thank you, Pinterest, for giving me all kinds of decorating and storage ideas.

This move also means that I get to do Group Power at the gym 4 days a week, so I really have no excuse to not be bikini season ready when it's here. Being a bridesmaid in Katie's wedding is also a huge driving factor in this "get fit" plan - and getting a spray tan. Because holy mother am I pale, and unless the weather gets super hot in the next few months I won't be laying out by the pool in time to get any color.

I was just discussing with Katrina that I was contemplating taking a spin class at the gym, and I'm going to say that she was adamantly against it:

"There's only one thing I want jamming into my crotch and it's not a bike seat."

Point taken.

Lastly, I'm going to share this video I found on HelloGiggles - I want to say that this tutorial is for girls who have thicker hair, because I fear that my thin, disgusting-straight hair wouldn't work for this style. So I'm going to stick with a teasing brush for this job, but if you are looking for an easy way to throw your hair up in a very cute bun - for work or just out running errands, this could be for you.

Check out her blog site too at Mr. Kate, from what I can tell she's got a lot of great DIY and fashion ideas. If you guys try that sock bun thing let me know - I may give it a go too!

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  1. After all that....the only thing I really caught was that you said, "for all y'all......". I love it!!!

    I still throw a y'all in there...especially at school, it gets all kinds of crazy looks and comments!!