Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Buyin' in bulk.

I will push the limits on not going grocery shopping as long as humanly possible, because I hate it. I would rather wash, dry, fold (even socks) and put away laundry than go to the grocery store. It probably has something to do with the 3 flights of stairs I have to haul it up, plus I feel like I spend so much money on nothing. (I never thought I'd say this, but I miss PriceRite, my absolutely ghetto grocery store in Springfield. It was so cheap. Waaaaaaaa!) Example? This was my fridge when I got home from work today.

That Tupperware doesn't even have anything edible for me in it - its blended carrots for Bailey's food. (Yeah. My dog likes vegetables in her food.) So a gallon of OJ, 1 (expired) yogurt, 2 hard boiled eggs, a tub of butter, and cream cheese. DELICIOUS.

So off I went to BJs to stock up on necessities. Let me just say, right now - there is no reason in this world that any single person needs a BJs membership. Work pays for mine, so I might as well use it, but seriously. It's probably going to take me 3 months to get through the food I bought today. Not to mention the 12 rolls of paper towels I HAD to have (I had a coupon!). And who needs EIGHTY OUNCES of peanut butter? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love peanut butter as much as the next girl - and Bailey does too - but that's FOUR POUNDS of peanut butter. That is disgusting. So basically my move in 29 days is going to include a lot of bulk food. But I couldn't starve for the next month! I do well to pack my lunch for work every day instead of going to Panera, so I am saving in the long run.

In blog news, if any of you need a fabulous DIY blog to follow, my good friend Mugg has started one, and she does some cool stuff. She just moved into her mom's house and is slowly refinishing everything, so check her out. She also loves ELF as much as, if not more, than I do (she placed two orders in one day, people.) Speaking of ELF, I got this in an email today:

10 Free Mineral eyeshadows
use code DELIGHT on orders over $25
use by 2/6/12

You are welcome. I won't be using it, because my makeup collection is OUT OF CONTROL right now, but their mineral eyeshadows are amazing. You can also follow them on Pinterest.

On my drive home from work today I kept thinking of topics to write about on here, I should've done a voice memo. But one I do remember, mostly because I think the same thing every time I drive anywhere here.

What are you DOING?!?!

This is my general thought the entire time I'm in the car. I grew up in Maine, and you're basically trained to think "MASSHOLE!" when you see a Massachusetts plate on a car - nobody in Maine likes Mass drivers. I would have to say the only thing that I like about Massachusetts is the drivers. (Other than the fact that 3/6 of the BFFs either live there or will soon.) But here? Oh god. Driving in North Carolina has been an experience in itself. I think part of the problem is that nobody is actually from here, so they have no idea where they're going. But the other part is that they make up their own damn driving rules! Nobody uses their blinkers, ever. Everyone comes to a complete stop at a railroad track, no train in sight. I want to kill people when they stop at a railroad track. Fucking GO! My horn gets a workout - they wouldn't put them in cars if they weren't supposed to be used. And I use mine.

To wrap up today's post, I had been messaging a guy on OKC and asked him what brought him to Charlotte:

Well the short answer is my job. The long answer is better over a phone. Feel free to text/call me at ##########. My name is Jejo.

Jejo? Je no.


  1. You are the queen of making me laugh out loud. "Je no" bahahahaha

  2. Half expected to see an after shot of the inside of your fridge.