Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lift 'em up!

Okay ladies, I bet you think that you know your bra size. But. I can almost guarantee that you are wearing the wrong size. I thought I knew what I was, and Katrina thought I was certifiably insane for thinking I was a C. (In my defense, I used to be a D in high school, lost a bunch of weight and my boobs got way smaller.) So a few months ago I went to Target, went a little nutty and stocked up on all new C cups because that's what I've been wearing the last few years. Katrina (and Mandy, who apparently went through the same denial I did) convinced me to get sized because she went and it was life changing.

Let me tell you. LIFE. CHANGING. Life changing. Katrina and Gabby came down for a whirlwind trip this weekend, and we went to Victoria's Secret to get fitted. (Everyone should do this. It is free, and you don't have to buy their bras, you can take your size and skip on over to Target and stock up on cheapies. I splurged and got the Fabulous, obviously, and it makes my boobs look FABULOUS.) In my head I was a 36C. In reality? 36DD.


Oh my. My life has been changed, and for the better. However, now my long button-up shirt that I wear with leggings (as pants) doesn't button over these gazoombas, so I am going to keep my small, saggy bras just in case this becomes a problem with the rest of my button-up shirts. Legit I feel like I got a boob job. 

So the girls came down this weekend, and Friday night we played Hair Salon and got drunk at my apartment. Lots of laughs, a little crying (good cries!), and not enough water being consumed to counteract the alcohol. Saturday we were moving a little slow, but we did some shopping at Birkdale, lunched at Brixx and then Saturday night Alexis, Missy (HAY GIRLS!) and her hubs joined us at Bad Daddy's Burger Bar for dinner. Can I just tell you how much I love my friends? My second family in Charlotte is amazing, and these Sister Wives of mine kick some serious ass. I got to thinking about it, and my Net of friends reaches all over the US, along with some chickies in Canada, and even over to Finland and Sweden. I have some seriously strong bitches in my life, and I love them. 

All I really wanted to say in this post was - go get fitted. Your girls will thank you. (And you may land a husband, since your boobs won't be down to your bellybutton anymore. I'm hoping this works for me.)


  1. That's wonderful...You crack me up! Always have always will. I've thought about "getting fitted" for years but the sheer lack of boobness has stopped me. Will have to give it another thought!

  2. I just lost 30 pounds and decided to get fitted last month...lost 30...gained a cup size? Seriously! Good for th ego...even better for the sweater look! Fun post!