Sunday, December 16, 2012


I've never been a skinny girl. Ever. I've always been bigger than my friends, and I used to be pretty insecure about it (let's be real, middle schoolers are probably the meanest species on the planet) but then I got to high school and just didn't give a shit what anyone else thought. Went through a breakup, lost 30-40 pounds, and I've pretty much stayed right around that weight ever since.

Sassy outfit for work Christmas party last night.
Please pardon the orange hue of my skin in that second picture - I swear I'm not that tan.

I don't own a scale, because I don't like obsessing about a number. I know around what I weigh, but that number doesn't define me or dictate how I feel about myself, and it never has - if my clothes are fitting, and I feel good, that's all I care about. I'm a hot-ass bitch, I have fantastic friends and lots of people who love me. Now, that's not to say that some days I don't think, "yep, probably could've gone without those mojitos last night" or "not loving my arms today", but in general, I'm very confident in myself. (Side note: please refer to my post here - wearing a bra that fits you will make a TON of difference in how you feel about yourself.)

With the end of the year approaching, New Year's Resolutions are bound to be made. And we all have some variance of "get to the gym, lose x-amount of weight, get in better shape" on our resolution list. Since 2013 is going to be all about me, I am going to get my ass back in the gym. Nothing drastic, just a bit of toning here and there, but I want to know - what motivates you to get there? What motivates you to STAY there? I get bored easily, so I'm going to start taking classes again - I prefer to be told what I need to be doing, rather than trying to make shit up and act like I have any clue. I go through stages - I'll go to the gym 4 days a week for a while, and then... meh. Boredom sets in, I get busy, and I just end up convincing myself that ANYTHING is more fun than going (even laundry and grocery shopping).

I also have the Songza app on my phone, which helps as far as running motivation goes - playlists such as "Hard Rock, Hard Bod", "Vodka Escapades: Ladies Be Pre-Gaming" and "Morning with Nicki Minaj" (yes, those are all real names and they are AWESOME - you all know my love for terrible pop music).

Completely unrelated to the subject of this post, but speaking of pop music - stop whatever you are doing right now and go get yourself Taylor Swift's "Red" album. You can thank me later.

Essie's Mesmerize (blue) & Room With a View (neutral)

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