Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Weekend in Maine

Wow did I need a weekend at home or what. I haven't been home since October, so 4 days in Maine was exactly what the doctor ordered. I flew in and out of Logan (and lucked out on both flights that the middle seat was empty) and took the bus to Portland, which gave me plenty of 50 Shades of Grey reading time. (Where is my brooding billionaire hiding anyway? The first book was awful, but the second was much better and I'm liking the 3rd so far. I'd recommend them. They are raunchy, and strangers will judge you if you are reading them in public. You've been warned.) And this is going to sound so Southern of me, but DANG Maine is cold! 63 degrees when I got off the bus at 5pm. It barely gets to 63 here at night!

View out my bus window

Wedding manicure - OPI Pink Flamenco

Trash can coolers in the hotel room. Classy.

me & the bride!
This weekend was a crazy whirlwind though. I only saw my dad for about 10 minutes Thursday night because every second of the rest of the weekend was booked solid. Visited with my grandparents, did a little bridesmaiding and a lot of drinking and dancing, spent a few hours with my salon girls (while getting beautified and a much needed haircut!), visited with Gina & Tyler and met baby Brody! While I am not a baby person AT ALL I am going to fully admit that that little baby is stinkin' cute.

Saturday night... oh Saturday. We stayed in a haunted mansion in Portland and hit up Foreplay - a much needed girls night out. We let loose and danced our asses off, and I only had to pull The Face once. I'm going to take the same route as Katrina and say that I am so thankful for all of the great women in my life. I had friends drive for hours in the pouring rain to come see me, even if it was just for a little while, and I could not be more grateful. The girls that I have in my life here in NC and the ones who are (too) far away in New England make up the best Net of Support I could ask for. Love you girls!

Went on a date last night. This guy seemed promising. Thirty four, good job, doesn't want kids. Winning, right? So we went out for drinks (and I had the best raspberry martini I've ever had) and the conversation flowed pretty well, he was very complimentary to me, things seemed to be moving in a good direction. I mention something about Bailey. He counters with the fact that he smokes pot daily and that his "last 3 shrinks have all agreed that pot is the only way for me to calm my OCD and anxiety." I'm sorry, what? Sir, that is a gross overshare of information and something you should probably keep to yourself until the 5th or 6th date. We call that "word vomit" around here. He walked me to my car, asked if I wanted to do dinner on Friday. I said I'd have to check if I was free. I woke up this morning to two text messages and a message on OKC. Done. Denied. Creeper.

Looking forward to a weekend of doing absolutely nothing except sitting by the pool this weekend - I am still exhausted from Saturday night's shenanigans (and my voice still has that somewhat husky "I drank too much and screamed/sang too much at the club" sound)!

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  1. Wahhh I miss you! Please find a billionaire with a helicopter so you can come home more often. Love, me.