Saturday, May 26, 2012

One Hell of an Update

Fuse channel is running Britney Spears Takeover on loop all night and I'm buzzed from my date so this should be a random fun update.

Song I can't get enough of right now:

Weird video, Ri Ri, but I do love this song.

Manicures from this past week:

Essie Bobbing for Baubles, 99cent NYC brand glitter

Essie My Place or Yours, tips OPI Metallic for Life(black is much sparklier in real life)

So my mom and Heidi came down to visit last weekend, and literally all we did was eat and shop. (I feel like this is a trend for people who come to visit me. "What did you do in Charlotte?" "We ate a lot and we shopped a lot." I'm fine with it.) With that being said, if you have a Bonefish Grill near you, stop what you are doing and go right now.Their calamari is to die for, and so are their desserts:

We also went to see Kip Moore (!), David Nail and Billy Currington at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on Friday night. It. Was. AWESOME. Very intimate venue, and for $40 and free parking? Can't beat it. The people watching was great too.

So I follow Sydney over at The Daybook Blog and she posted this video today. Get your tissues ready. Watch it twice - first for the performance, second for her reaction throughout. I absolutely love this song, and this is hands down the best proposal video I've seen. (Side note: Had a date tonight - not much to report, he was nice, and I'd go to dinner with him again- and this video was on the news at the bar. He was like "is this what girls expect now? A whole performance? These guys are ruining it for everyone else!")

This holiday weekend I have zero plans but sitting by the pool. I attempted to do that today but apparently a possum got into the pool last night so they had to shock the hell out of it today. Um, GROSS. But I stocked up on these the other day, so they'll be faaaabulous for our 86 degree weather tomorrow & Monday.

"Alcohol is in it!"
Me, Stacey, Courtney & Alexis at the Rudder

Creepy duck was coming way too close to our table
for me to feel comfortable about it!

The clouds here lately have been SO cool in the evening!
(I was stopped when I took this picture, mothers)

Hope everyone has a great (and safe!) holiday weekend - I only have to get through work Tuesday & Wednesday this week, and then I am Portland-bound for Katie's wedding and a weekend of Glitter Bombing with my BFFs!

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  1. Ok...I did exactly what you said and watched it twice...except I went to Youtube to watch it so I could make it full screen! That.was.awesome! The only way it would be better would be to know who the other people are...from her reaction, she must know them! A little "pop up video" would be nice!!