Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Beauty Faves

I haven't done a beauty product post in a while (okay really I haven't done any posts in a while - nothing exciting going on here except I've been on a few first dates, zero second dates [yet], it's hot here and I love it.) I've got some recommendations for you girls - some of these may be repeats from a past post, but that just means I really love it.

So y'all are going to be out in the sun this summer right? Temps are pushing 90 all along the east coast right now, so I know you babes will be sitting by the pool at some point, and you've GOT to protect your hair color! 

First up, you need a beach hat. I can hear you now, "But I hate hats!" You only think you hate hats. Anyone can pull off a beach hat. Plus, if you're at the beach/pool... who cares. Just put it on. It will cover your hair, and save your face from getting burned.

Hat, Forever 21
Speaking of getting burned, YOU NEED TO WEAR SUNSCREEN (Alexis). I am horrible at remembering to put sunscreen on every day (my moisturizer is SPF 30, but I only use that on my face) but I am a nazi about putting sunscreen on when I'm at the pool. I reapply often, because I don't enjoy being scorched and itchy/hot/peeling later. And if you're using less than SPF 30, what is the point? I use SPF 50 just about all the time. If you've got tattoos, I recommend getting one of those sunscreen sticks (Coppertone Baby makes them - they're like big chapsticks) and covering all of your tattoos with it. It will keep them from fading in the long run.

On to the hair products. Start your color protection in the shower with shampoo & conditioner. I use Redken's Color Extend (in the red bottles).


I follow that up with Pureology's Colourmax (I use this year-round, but especially in the summer.) I also keep a travel size bottle of this in my beach bag and reapply at the pool - every time you get your hair wet, spray it on again.

Redken just came out with a new product called Duo Shield 07. It's a cool product - cream in the middle of the nozzle, and a gel on the outside, so you get two products being cocktailed together. This protects your hair from the heat (blowdryer, flatiron etc) and also protects your color.

One more beauty product - this one has nothing to do with hair or color protection, but there is nothing I love more in the summer than a pure white nail. Katrina was raving about her Ulta nail polish the other day, and I desperately needed a white polish, so I picked up Ulta's Snow White. It's very opaque, and while I felt it went on kind of thick, it dried just fine and I have no chips after 2 days of not really taking care of my nails. ("Two days?!" Yeah. I paint my nails twice a week. What of it?)

Ulta's Snow White
(ring finger) OPI Rainbow Connection

This link has been floating around Facebook all day today and I wanted to share - guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Also, iPhoners (and lucky Droid users) - are you on Instagram? Find and follow me! @helenthefabulous
We are also all obsessed with this new music app - Songza. It's like Pandora, but better. It has just about every playlist you could imagine - you can search by activity, mood, location, etc. (They even have a Stripping option in activities. I mean, you never know...) Oh and its FREE!

Hope everyone has a fab week and stays cool - or not cool, but dang, please protect your hair color (and your skin!)

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