Thursday, November 1, 2012

A few things I love right now

The change of season always wreaks havoc on my skin (actually, to be honest, moving South has taken its own toll on my skin, but that's a whole other issue), so I figured I'd share with you guys what my favorite beauty products are right now.

I've used Proactiv for a long time, back when I didn't have to worry about paying for it (thanks Mom!) but now that I have realized how f**cking expensive it is, I'm glad to have found this:

Target's Up&Up brand's 3 Step Acne System. It's like $15.99 (and usually there's a $2 off coupon for the next time in the box), and it's exactly the same as Proactiv that you'd spend close to $60 on. I find that it works just as well, though with my skin I have to change up my routine every couple months or so, so I'll use it, take a break, and then go back to it. 

However, the only thing I don't like about this system is that it doesn't come with a moisturizer and it tends to try my skin out a little bit. So thanks to Katrina who left a sample of this last time she was here, I fell in love with this lotion. I'm almost out of the regular, but I bought the dark-spot corrector this time. And it's CHEAP! Like $1.99 or something, and it will last you for-ev-er.

I'm not sure when bacne came into style, but apparently Charlotte, NC is all about it. I have had minor problems with it before, but here? Holy mother. This was recommended to me, so I keep a bar of it in the shower along with my exfoliating gloves (if you don't have any of these, you can get two pairs for $3.99 at Marshall's/TJ Maxx). Good luck to you finding this though - both times I bought it, it was the last one on the shelf and I've heard it's kind of hard to come by. So buy in bulk if you can.

I didn't use this stuff when my hair was longer, but now that it's short I feel like I need a little "oomph" - plus it helps keep the tease in on day one after washing. Although it will make your hair dirtier faster, fair warning. Which sucks, because we all know how much I hate washing my hair.

all images from Google

So there ya have it - the goods for fall. Have a great weekend bloggies - I've got a date tomorrow, so I'll attempt to update this weekend!


  1. You are welcome for the lotion. Who knew that a random travel purchase would be such a hit?

  2. Replies
    1. It was pretty "meh" - I have a whole post brewing about guys and what they lie about on their profiles, so get ready! :)

  3. I found a listing for the PanOxyl on, by the bye, so that may be another option if you run into shelf emptiness ... yowza, though, that's some pricey stuff! I hope it at least lasts you a while.

    Looking forward to the new "liar liar, profile-pants on fire" post! :)

    -- Julles