Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Google Reader

Just a quick second post for tonight - I want to educate you blog readers in the wonder of what is the Google Reader. Katrina got me hooked on this thing last summer. 

Basically the Reader is where you can keep track of multiple blogs that you follow. (I know, you're thinking "I only follow 5 or 6" *MOM*, but trust. You will start following more once you get in the habit of reading them.) I started out with 1 or 2, and I think my Reader probably has close to 40 blogs on it. That is disgusting, now that I think about it. But every time I find one that I like, that person posts a link to someone else's blog that they like, and its just a downward spiral. And if you're like me, you have to read the blog FROM THE BEGINNING, lest you miss any important details or inside jokes that may show up in a later post, and you will be OUT OF THE LOOP.

What this magical thing does is holds all of your blogs in one screen, and tells you when each site has updated. All you have to do is hit Subscribe, add in the address of the blog you want, and voila! All the titles are stored on the left, new entries are in bold, and you read on the right of the screen. No more keeping a Favorites folder in your bookmarks, and going to each individual site HOPING for an update - this does it for you.

Hit me up with any questions you have on this - or if you have any blogs you love/recommend, comment with them!

*Edit: if you do end up signing up for a Reader, see that link to the right of my blog that says "Join this Site with Google Friend Connect"? Click that, and it will have you sign in with your username. Then you'll be "following" me. This tells me who's lurking about on here. (If you want me to know. I'm okay with some light internet stalking if you want to remain anonymous.)


  1. I love my Reader. I just wish it had categories. Like, I want all my Home Design blogs in one place, and my Style Blogs in another. Get on this, Google!

  2. oh that is a good idea. I don't like that all the blogs I "follow" are in one folder at the bottom - I can't figure out how to get rid of it.