Saturday, August 17, 2013

That time we all got laid off

Somehow, summertime for me the last 5 or so years has always equaled job hunting. Always. Moving back to Maine, moving back to Springy. Repeat x2. Move to Charlotte. Find a job, but the company is so unethical that there's no way you can continue working for them. So last summer when I was offered the job I held up until Wednesday, I was pumped. Up and coming company, laid back, benefits, awesome people. Football always being thrown in the office ("SKILLZ!!!!"), Beer Fridays, all the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies you could ever want in your life. And while we all didn't necessarily get along 100% of the time, we were a family. And we got shit DONE. Work hard, play hard.

I came back from vacation on Monday (more on that in a bit) and things were...weird. The rumor mill was churning, whispers of "shit's going down this week" being lobbed back and forth. We hadn't been busy in a long time, but we were told we were switching into different markets and all would be well. Tuesday, and the word on the street was "tomorrow is D-Day." I hadn't been told anything directly, but I still cleaned my desk off Tuesday afternoon of any personal items. Sometimes, you just know. Wednesday, "noon time. HR is coming." Managers who didn't come in until 9am were there at 750. Some who come in at 11am were there at 840. You know things are about to happen. Around 10, all of our access was shut down and about 20 minutes later they started pulling us in to offices in groups of 3 and that was it.

Around 20 of us were let go, and I have to tell you that I am so thankful that I was in that group and not one of the 4 of us that were able to keep their jobs. I can't imagine the guilt that I would feel if I had to walk into that office after seeing that mass exodus the day before. Plus the fact that none of us were let go because of bad performance or anything like that, makes me feel a lot better. The 20 of us went to a bar across the street that had yet to open but management let us sit on the patio and said they'd be with us soon. "No big deal, we ALL just got laid off so we're here to hang out." We all ordered a round, management brought us complimentary tray of "you all just got laid off Jello Shots", and one of our contractors showed up and bought us a round. We hung out for about 4 hours and all went our separate ways. Much love to this whole group of people, there were a lot of smiles and a LOT of laughs that day, which is odd to think of a group of people who just lost their jobs, but I think there's something to be said about going through that with people who are like your family.

I got home, had a snack and the boy texted me to say "I'm on my way, start drinking." 10-4, I am good at following directions. Now listen. I don't drink that much anymore. First off, I live alone so I don't drink much anyway, because I just feel like that's a social activity, and secondly the calories are just not worth it to me. Not to mention the sometimes 2-day hangover I experience (because at 27, I am old) and generally feeling like shit. I barely keep alcohol in the house because it just sits there, but I did have some vodka and, thank god, some Crystal Lite mix.

Fast forward a few hours (vodka vodka at home, margarita nachos margarita vodka vodka at Birkdale) and an episode of Duck Dynasty and I was feelin REAL GOOD WITH LIFE. When was the last time I had 8 cocktails on the day without absolutely vomiting my brains out? I was probably 17.

I'm not stressing about this job situation. I've been there before. I am really good at being unemployed, according to Katrina. I have a great support network, and lots of skillzzz, so I really think everything is going to work out. I've got grand plans of NOT getting up at 430am to go to the gym (lets try like, 830) and hanging by the pool since this summer has pretty much sucked for that. A funemployment, if you will. So if any of you have any connections in Charlotte that are hiring, you just let me know!

What else what else. OH YAH. So I went to Maine for our annual camping trip at Hermit Island, and hoo boy it was nice to be home. I love my crazy ass framily, and I am not sure that I know any other group of people that can talk about poop as much as we do. Beach every day, amazing food (yup. Ate whatever the fuck I wanted and it was GLORIOUS. First day back at the gym was NOT, because you can't out-train a bad diet. You feel slow, fat and gross? It's because you're eating like crap.) and lots of laughs. The HKGCCJ contingent peaced out a day early because it was going to rain for the next two days - Katrina and I were dozing in tent. Curtis "y'all sleeping?" "sort of" "its gonna rain all night tonight and all night tomorrow. you guys wanna go?" "YUP" We had all tents down and the car packed in 40 minutes.

Really hoping that BEHS 2004 reunion next summer (WTF old) coincides with Hermit, because I totes wanna do both!

I got a lot of "plan on moving back?" while I was in Maine. Honestly? No fucking way. As much as I love my people there, I have no desire to move back. I moved down here to get away, get a fresh start and do my own thing. So unless I absolutely cannot find anything to do for work here and I am broke, I'm staying in NC. Great to visit your hometown, but there is something to be said about coming home to your own space that you have made all on your own. I am fiercely independent. I grew up with 4 of us in the house, lived at home through college and then immediately moved in with a boyfriend. This adventure in NC is my first experience living out of my comfort zone, and living alone, and I love it.

Enough rambling from me - since I'm SUPER FREAKIN BUSY these days, please give me your book recommendations!! I've read Silver Linings Playbook and Forbidden Places - Penny Vincenzi in the last couple weeks and I highly recommend them.

Til next time, bloggies!